Case Study


How Zipy enabled Townhall increase their NPS by 30%


Townhall is a cutting-edge event ticketing and registration app, designed to revolutionize the way events are organized. It empowers event managers with a user-friendly, do-it-yourself platform that enables seamless online ticket sales and registrations, eliminating the hassles of traditional event management. Small gatherings to large-scale evens, the app supports a wide range of event types, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all organizers. Attendees can easily discover and explore events happening in their cities, making event participation effortless and enjoyable.Townhall aims to connect event organizers with an enthusiastic audience, creating a vibrant community of event enthusiasts and fostering engagement and participation.

The Problem

Townhall being an event management platform, had several challenges in achieving their primary goal of providing online ticketing and registration ser vices while effectively bridging the gap between event organizers and enthusiast s. Here;

  • Townhall faced difficulty in monitor ing and analyzing user behavior, resulting in significant visitor dropout rates.
  • Bugs and technical issues affected the payment inter face, leading to failures in the transaction process. These issues undermined the platform's reliability and user trust, hindering the seamless ticketing and registration experience.
  • They lacked sufficient data and insights about their users, making it challenging to identify and target the right audience for events.

The Solution

We analyzed and used recorded sessions for easy scenario recreation. This helped us quickly identify and resolve bugs, ensuring a smooth payment process and reducing failures.

It was easy to learn user behavior and improve platform stability as well  as user experience, Targeting the right audience for the events.

Easy filters to Resolute the exact type of bugs helped in minimising the visitor dropout rates, as the website ser vice was augmented.

Zipy dashboard helped quickly identify and prioritise the bugs to be fixed, that saved crucial time in fixing it directly boosting the dev productivity. 

Impacts & Benefits

Zipy helped Townhall deliver a better user experience which helped them achieve their customer ’s needs and expectations. Which helped them achieve higher retention and boosted NPS.

Easy debugging, root cause analysis, and easy reproduction of bugs have provided a user-friendly experience to identify and resolve the most frequently occurring issues we face.


Zipy 's support was crucial in enabling Townhall to efficiently address and resolve bugs, resulting in a remarkable 30% product ivity boost. By implementing recorded sessions, Townhall quickly identified and resolved issues, leading to a smoother payment process and improved platform performance. The ability to track user actions and understand customer journey maps significantly reduced visitor dropout rates. Enhanced data insights and precise audience targeting drove substantial customer growth, increased engagement, and higher website traffic.

Zipy contributed to Townhall delivering an exceptional web ser vice that exceeded customer expectations, elevating the overall user experience.