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How GitHub Copilot is helping developers?

Anom Warbhuvan
~ 6 min read | Published on Dec 15, 2023


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We have lately seen rapid growth in the field of artificial intelligence. And GitHub got on board early to change how developers have been working. GitHub Copilot is a powerful AI tool designed to assist developers like you. With its ability to generate code suggestions and assist developers in real-time, Copilot has become a game-changer in the coding landscape.

In this blog, we will deep dive into GitHub Copilot hacks and explore the exciting possibilities it offers to developers.

What is GitHub Copilot?

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding tool developed by OpenAI in collaboration with GitHub. It analyzes vast amount of code from open-source repositories with the help of machine learning. With its ability to understand your coding style and context, GitHub Copilot serves as your trusted companion. It also offers an array of ingenious hacks and techniques to enhance your coding journey.

It’s time to dive deep into the capabilities of GitHub Copilot features.

Features of GitHub Copilot

1. Increase productivity with code generation

GitHub Copilot excels at generating code snippets instantly. It is able to understand your context of coding and suggests ready-to-use code snippets. It takes input in the form of context from the code editor where it is integrated.

This input can be as simple as a few keywords or a partial code statement. Copilot then uses its understanding of coding patterns, libraries, and best practices to propose completions, refactorings, or entire code blocks that it believes are relevant to the provided context.

With this, you can also save valuable time and effort as it eliminates the need for manual coding.

2. Utilize code refactoring

With its unparalleled understanding of code patterns, Copilot empowers you to refactor code by improving quality, readability, and maintainability of your projects. While Copilot can automate the process of improving code structure and efficiency, developers also have the flexibility to choose where they want to implement these improvements manually.

3. Domain-specific assistance

Copilot’s domain-specific assistance is helpful for developers working in specialized fields. It provides context-aware suggestions tailored to specific domains like web development, data science, or mobile app development.

Copilot leverages its extensive knowledge of code repositories to understand and analyze patterns, techniques, and common practices within specific domains. For example, if you are creating a React app then Copilot can provide suggestions for HTML, CSS, or the programming language which you have used in you app.

4. Ease in rapid prototyping

GitHub Copilot's rapid prototyping feature helps developers to build functional prototypes for software applications. It utilizes its AI-powered code generation capabilities to generate code snippets, structures, and logic that facilitate the rapid creation of prototypes.

With Copilot's assistance, developers can accelerate the prototyping phase, validate ideas faster, and make informed decisions about the direction of their projects.

5. Efficient file and folder operations

When working on software projects, there are multiple operations that a developer often performs like creating new files and folders, renaming them, moving them to different directories, deleting these files, or searching for a specific one within the project. GitHub Copilot can assist with all these operations, saving you loads of time.

GitHub Copilot understands the context of your code and project structure, allowing it to generate code snippets that handle file and folder operations. It can generate code to create new files and folders, move them to specified locations, rename them, and even perform batch operations on multiple files.

6. Intelligent dependency management

There are multiple external libraries and dependencies which enhance functionality, code reusability, and integration with third-party services. But, managing these dependency’s version, installation, configuration, and updates can be a time consuming task.

GitHub Copilot can help simplify this process by offering intelligent suggestions and automating certain aspects of dependency management. It can analyze your code, understand the required dependencies, and provide suggestions for appropriate libraries or packages to fulfil those needs.

7. Static data generation

Developers often need to work with data that is consistent and follows a certain structure. This can involve creating mock data for user profiles, product listings, sample records, or any other form of data needed for testing or demonstration.

GitHub Copilot can generate code snippets that generate static data based on specified criteria or patterns. It can assist in creating data in various formats such as JSON, CSV, XML, or SQL scripts. Copilot takes into account the desired data structure, constraints, and relationships to generate meaningful and representative data that aligns with the specific requirements of the project.

By automating the process of static data generation, Copilot eliminates the need for developers to manually create or populate data sets.

8. Smart autocomplete

GitHub Copilot takes autocomplete to the next level by offering smart suggestions such as code snippets, API calls, method signatures, and even entire code patterns based on the context.

It analyzes the current code context, including variable names, function parameters, and the overall project structure, to provide intelligent completions that align with the intended functionality.

You can use it as a reliable coding companion, assisting developers in quickly finding the right code snippets and completing code structures accurately.

9. Efficient error handling

Handling errors is crucial for ensuring proper functionality and maintaining a positive user experience. Error handling involves identifying and responding to exceptional situations or unexpected errors that may occur during program execution.

GitHub Copilot helps developers implement efficient error handling by suggesting error handling techniques, code structures, and best practices. It can generate code snippets for try-catch blocks, exception handling, error logging, and error reporting mechanisms.

By utilizing Copilot’s assistance, you can streamline the error handling process, reducing the chances of unhandled exception or crashes.

10. Git workflow optimization

When collaborating on software projects or working on individual codebases, developers rely on Git as a version control system to track changes, manage branches, merge code, and collaborate with team members.

However, Git workflows can sometimes be complex and time-consuming, requiring manual execution of commands and careful coordination. GitHub Copilot helps optimize the Git workflow by automating common Git operations, providing intelligent suggestions for Git commands, and offering guidance on best practices.

Copilot has the ability to generate code snippets for frequently performed Git tasks, including branch creation, committing changes, branch merging, conflict resolution, and code pushing to remote repositories.

11. IDE customization

IDE customization in GitHub Copilot refers to the flexibility and adaptability of Copilot to be seamlessly integrated and customized within various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Copilot's code generation capabilities can be tailored and optimized to match the preferences, coding style, and workflow of individual developers.

It allows developers to configure Copilot's behavior, appearance, and interaction within their preferred coding environment. It enables them to personalize Copilot's suggestions, keybindings, or other aspects to align with their coding habits and enhance their productivity.

GitHub Copilot supports integration with popular IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs.

12. Intelligent commenting

When writing code, it is critical to provide comments that provide insight into the code's purpose, functioning, or logic. These comments help other developers (including future self) understand the code's intent, make maintenance easier, and facilitate collaboration within a team.

GitHub Copilot can analyze the code context, variables, functions, and code structure to generate intelligent comments that capture the essence of the code. It suggests comments that provide explanations, clarify complex logic, describe inputs and outputs, and highlight important considerations.

It can also assist in generating documentation comments (e.g., Javadoc or Docstring comments) that automatically extract information from the code and provide a concise summary or description for classes, methods, or functions.

13. Streamlined testing

In software development, testing is an important part as it checks for code’s correctness, stability, and robustness. Writing detailed test cases, establishing testing frameworks, and managing test data, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and complex.

GitHub Copilot simplifies and streamlines the testing process by suggesting test code snippets, test frameworks. It can generate unit test templates, test assertions, and test setup/teardown code based on the specific context and programming language.

It accelerates the creation of test suites and reduces the potential for human error. It allows developers to focus more on designing test cases and analyzing test results rather than spending excessive time on writing boilerplate test code.

14. Code snippet libraries

GitHub Copilot's Code Snippet Libraries cover a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and commonly performed tasks. They include snippets for specific functions, algorithms, design patterns, database operations, API integrations, and more.

By accessing the Code Snippet Libraries, developers can quickly find and insert the code snippets they need, accelerating the development process and promoting code reuse. It eliminates the need to search for code examples or rewrite frequently used code segments from scratch.


These top GitHub Copilot features turns out be a game-changer for every developer. With Copilot’s AI assistance, you can significantly enhance your coding efficiency, productivity, and code quality.

Let GitHub Copilot become your coding companion, and help you to write better code and streamline your workflow. So try it out and see how AI can change how you code. Till then

Happy Coding!

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