Error monitoring and debugging tool

All frontend and network errors captured in Zipy proactively in real time.

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Zipy error context

Catch all javascript errors agnostic of the underlying framework used

Unhandled Exception, Type Errors Syntax Error - catch them all in one go.

Fix 4xx and 5xx errors by URL

Detect if it's a client or server error or a network problem.
Frontend and network error dashboard
User session replay

Navigate to errors on the timeline  

Quickly spot errors on the timeline and dig deeper to analyse.

Get alerted on your preferred channel.

Stay on top of Customer impacted errors with Slack alerts.
Frontend and network error dashboard
User session replay

Can't debug minified code stack trace?

Seamless Sourcemap integration to debug javascript errors in Dev Tools

Fixing API and payload errors?

API and backend error monitoring and debugging with network logs in Dev Tools
Frontend and network error dashboard

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Zipy provides you with full customer visibility without multiple back and forths between Customers, Customer Support and your Engineering teams.

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