How Zipy helped SuprSend increase conversion rate by 25%

Increase in conversion rate
Reduction in churn after POC
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SuprSend is a third-party notification system that aims to solve the challenges of building notification infrastructure in-house. They noticed that building this system in-house takes a lot of time and still leaves certain points unsolved.

There is no existing solution in the market, to which, the notification piece can be outsourced. Notifications can get really complicated whether it’s handling multi-channel notifications, across SMS, Email, Slack, Inbox, and Push, optimizing delivery across different providers, and building for multi-tenant architecture.

SuprSend aims to solve this by providing a consolidated view of all notifications and their performance, avoiding the messiness that can happen over time.

The Problem

SuprSend, a small team focused on building a great product, was facing the challenge of customer drop-offs during the signup process. They wanted to understand whether the flow or UX of their platform was confusing for the users.

This was a big concern for SuprSend because it meant that they were losing out on potential customers. Negative experiences while using their product could also affect their brand due to negative word-of-mouth. This would result in a loss of revenue for the company.

According to SuprSend’s analytics, they saw -

  • 30% drop-off rate on signup page
  • 35% drop-off during onboarding tutorial.

The Solution

SuprSend turned to Zipy to help them address the problem they were facing. The timing of implementation was key for them as they were about to field a lot of incoming traffic from their imminent Product Hunt launch. SuprSend was able to integrate Zipy in just a few minutes and started receiving live user sessions immediately. This helped them significantly during their Product Hunt launch as they were able to see sessions for each and every user who was coming on the platform. 

Zipy offered a solution that could help SuprSend identify any usability issues on their platform.

  • The solution involved studying user journeys daily to identify areas where the users were struggling and optimizing those workflows.
  • Zipy's session recordings were also used to identify usability issues, while the error sessions were used to stay on top of any frontend, network or API failures.

With the help of these features, SuprSend could identify and fix usability issues in real time. This they could do proactively even before their customers reported them.

Impacts & Benefits

Zipy helped SuprSend deliver a better product that met their customers’ needs and expectations. By improving their user experience, SuprSend was able to grow their customer base, saw much better engagement, and increased brand loyalty.

By using Zipy, SuprSend was able to improve their user experience significantly and increase their customer engagement and retention. Some of the results they achieved were:

  • Increased their signup conversion rate by 25%
  • Reduced 30% churn after POC
  • Increased their customer satisfaction score by 20%

“It's become a process that we look at user sessions on Zipy on a daily basis. When you look at sessions on daily basis, you understand what's going wrong in terms of technical issues. And you fix those practically before the customer even reports it to you.”  

Anjali Arya Product & Analytics (SuprSend)


SuprSend faced a problem that could have negatively impacted their business. With the help of Zipy, they were able to address the problem and improve customer engagement.

Zipy's solution helped SuprSend identify and fix usability issues in real-time, which reduced sign-up drop-offs and increased engagement. Furthermore, the successful collaboration between SuprSend and Zipy demonstrates the importance of actively seeking out and utilizing innovative technology solutions to tackle business challenges.

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