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PHP error reporting tools - designed to track errors efficiently and provide you with actionable insights for resolving PHP issues. Enhance application stability and performance.

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Add the following to the <head> tag of your website, before other code:
<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script><script> window.zipy && window.zipy.init('YOUR_PROJECT_SDK_KEY');</script>
Review our SDK documentation for the latest instructions on installing Zipy. Begin quickly with an easy setup process for PHP debugging.
1. Install the ‘zipy’ module via NPM:
npm i --save zipy
2. Import ‘zipy’ and call ‘zipy.init’ as following:
import zipy from ‘zipy’;
Read our SDK documentation to ensure you have the latest instructions for installing Zipy. Get started in minutes.
Zipy error monitoring - php error reporting


The best PHP error reporting tool

The most effective PHP error monitoring tools. Awaken your debugging skills to monitor server-side and API failures effectively. Deliver a superior user experience with PHP.

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Dev Tools with stack trace for debugging PHP errors

PHP error reporting with detailed stack traces. Quickly identify the root cause of PHP errors with stack trace, error logs, and server request response details.

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Zipy stack trace - php error reporting
Zipy api performance - php error reporting


Elevate your PHP app performance

Optimize your PHP app's performance. Stay on top of your PHP application's performance with our advanced PHP performance monitoring and diagnostic tools. Identify and resolve API latency issues, enhancing speed and user experience.

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“As a unified platform for user session replay, frontend & network monitoring, Zipy offers an efficient solution for all my debugging needs. It is an indispensable tool for any developer.

Patryk Pijanowski, Co-Founder

Codejet  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Patryk Pijanowski - Zipy's Happy Customer

"Also, we had a call with a customer yesterday end user's message was "it's broken". In Zipy, found the session, found the error, fixed the error. Five minutes total time from reporting to resolution. Zipy is amazing."

Eddy Martinez, CEO

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Zipy has changed my life in ways I can’t tell you! Between 2 projects, I have found bugs that would have taken developers years of debugging.

Timothy Connolly, Co-founder & CTO

Directnorth  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Timothy Connolly  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We look at user sessions on Zipy on a daily basis. We understand what's going wrong in terms of technical issues and you fix those practically before the customer even reports it to you.”

Anjali Arya, Product & Analytics

SuprSend  - Zipy's Happy Customer
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“You realize how good a product is when you have been using it for a while and then discover that this use case is not even what the creators had in mind, but your tool has much more.”

Tomás Charles, Co-founder & CEO

Tomás Charles  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We integrated Zipy early on and it's now part of our daily scrums - my team has a constant eye on Production bugs. Zipy improves our Productivity significantly.”

Manish Mishra, Co-founder & CTO

Pazcare  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Manish Mishra  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy is clearly providing a very differentiated solution. Observability is going to be the key to understanding customer issues proactively and it impacts business outcomes directly.”

Jyoti Bansal, Co-founder

Appdynamics  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Jyoti Bansal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“I believe that you have a unicorn, and I don’t say it lightly. I can see how my team lights up with confidence having Zipy help them. Please count on my support in any way.”

Laz Fuentes, Founder & CEO

SQOR  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Laz Fuentes  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“5 Stars. In no time, Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user journeys, and fix the most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.”

Sandeep Rangdal, Senior Staff Engineer

mindtickle  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Sandeep Rangdal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy has been a 2-in-1 solution for us. Signed up solely for error debugging, but the session playback was so smooth that we also ended up ditching a well-known session recording tool.”

Vahe Hovhannisyan, Founder

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We use Zipy as a UX Performance & Debugging Tool. Every time there is a feature release, the testers use it to find issues. We really enjoy working with Zipy, they're very responsive & proactive.

Vineet Jawa, Founder  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vineet Jawa  - Zipy's Happy Customer


Replay errors, instead of recreating them

Replay and diagnose errors in PHP. Utilize error session recordings to quickly determine the causes of PHP errors, capturing comprehensive context from server logs, error logs, and API interactions. Align error monitoring with user activity for deeper insights.

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Zipy session replay - php error reporting
Zipy user environment - php error reporting


See the whole story, no secrets

Gain full insights into the server environment. Capture server and usage details to accurately replicate PHP bugs, including server OS, configuration, and custom parameters. Stay proactive in PHP error resolution.

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Custom error logging with the magic of Zipy logs

Advanced custom logging for PHP. Beyond standard error logs, enable logging of custom PHP exceptions, messages, and errors for personalized debugging and error monitoring. Filter and analyze error sessions effectively with our PHP error reporting tools.

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Zipy custom logs - php error reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us at

How to use error reporting in PHP?

In PHP, error reporting can be configured in three main ways. Firstly, set the error_reporting directive in the php.ini file for a global effect on all scripts. Secondly, for Apache servers, you can specify error reporting levels in the .htaccess file, allowing for directory-specific configurations. Lastly, use the error_reporting() function within your PHP scripts for dynamic, runtime error level adjustments. While these settings are invaluable for debugging in development, it's advisable to restrict error reporting in production environments to avoid revealing sensitive information.

How to get error response in PHP?

In PHP, you can capture and manage error responses effectively using the error_log() function. This function allows you to send error logs to a designated file or a remote destination, such as a logging server. For instance, you can configure error_log() to write errors directly to a file on your server for later review. Alternatively, for more immediate awareness of issues, you can set up error_log() to send error messages to your email. This method is particularly useful for monitoring specific, critical errors that require prompt attention. Implementing this function helps in tracking and addressing errors efficiently, ensuring smoother application performance and quicker debugging.

How to view PHP error logs?

To view PHP error logs, you first need to ensure that error logging is enabled in your PHP configuration. Open your php.ini file and search for the log_errors directive using CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (MacOS). If you find that the log_errors value is set to 'Off', you'll need to enable it by setting it to 'On'. Once enabled, PHP errors will be logged to a specified file, typically named error_log. This file's location can be determined by the error_log directive in the php.ini file. If you're using a web hosting service, error logs might also be accessible via your hosting control panel. Remember, the ability to view these logs and their locations can vary depending on your server configuration and whether you're working in a local or a production environment.

How do I debug PHP in Chrome?

Debugging PHP in Chrome can be efficiently done by using an extension called PHP Console. This tool is available in the Chrome web store and can be easily installed into your Chrome browser. Once installed, PHP Console allows you to log errors, warnings, exceptions, and variable dumps directly in Chrome. It acts as a bridge between your PHP environment and the browser, enabling you to view and analyze PHP outputs in real-time as you browse your application. This can greatly simplify the debugging process, as you can see the results of your PHP code without leaving the browser or using additional software. Remember, while PHP Console is a powerful tool for debugging, it's essential to use it in a development environment only and not on a live production site, to maintain security and performance.

Empower your PHP app with Zipy

Zipy, online PHP error reporting, provides you with full customer visibility without multiple back and forths between Customers, Customer Support and your Engineering teams.

The unified digital experience platform to drive growth with Product Analytics, Error Tracking, and Session Replay in one.

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