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Track all user sessions with javascript errorrs, console errors and network errors with detailed stack trace, logs and payload data in one.
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Trouble reproducing customer bugs?

Reduce your TTR significantly with session replay and monitoring in one.

Install in a minute

Zipy Installation takes just a minute and 2 lines of code. No more instrumentation needed.

Installation of zipy code to record session

Don't know which release broke on Prod?

Tag bugs with release versions and analyze the root cause in a jiffy.

Get alerted on preferred channel.

Stay on top of Customers impacted with Slack alerts.

Installation of zipy code to record session
Frontend and network error dashboard

Can't debug minified code stack trace?

Seamless Sourcemap integration to debug with complete stack trace in Dev Tools

API and payload errors?

API and backend error tracking with network logs in Dev Tools

Installation of zipy code to record session

Works seamlessly with your stack


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manish mishra

Manish Mishra , Paz Care

We integrated Zipy early on and it's now part of our daily scrums - we get a daily summary of issues on our slack channel and my team has a constant eye on Prod bugs. Zipy improves our Productivity significantly.

sandeep Rangdal

Sandeep Rangdal, MindTickle

5 stars! In no time Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user's jounery and fix most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.

Mahendra Sharma, Matrubharti

Beautiful and Useful product, we used it for Matrubharti and we are overjoyed.

Yajuvendra Rathor

Yajuvendra Rathor, TeachEdison

In my experience, Zipy is a useful tool in many ways, and debugging the frontend code is one of them. The feature which always pulls me towards Zipy is the user session recording mapped with the captured errors. This helps in understanding users’ behavior and the problems they might be facing while interacting with our product UI. All this leads not just to debugging the code base, but more importantly to the changes in the UI which makes the product more intuitive and user-friendly because it captures the real-time data for us.

Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma, Townscript

Our tech team had tried various popular logging platforms, but always found it time consuming to do root cause analysis. Zipy has been like a fresh air, smartly providing error video captures linked with logs. Tech team is much happier, and feels more efficient.

Aquif Zubair

Aquif Zubair, Lal10

Our team is using this since last two months and I think it’s a great platform to get to know the issues in your application. UI/UX team did a great job here. A person having little tech knowledge would be able to understand it. Kudos to you and your tech team.


Unique Users
Get proactively alerted about the issues, even before the customers report them.


Sessions Captured
It’s changed how I think about building software. It’s changed what I expect.


Errors Captured
If you have the chance, try it out! Solid work! Kudos to the team.

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Zipy provides you with full customer visibility without multiple back and forths between Customers, Customer Support and your Engineering teams.

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