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Flutter debugger for enhanced mobile app development

Revolutionize your Flutter app development with our cutting-edge Flutter Debugger. Simplify debugging processes and elevate the performance of your Flutter applications.

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Exception Monitoring in Flutter

Efficiently monitor exceptions within your Flutter apps. Gain valuable insights into runtime behaviors to bolster app reliability and performance.

Flutter Crash Reporting

Enhance your app's stability with comprehensive crash reporting in Flutter. Quickly identify crash causes and implement improvements to fortify app resilience.

Flutter ANR Handling

Effectively handle Application Not Responding (ANR) errors in Flutter. Enhance the responsiveness of your app and ensure a fluid user experience.

Flutter's Network Error Insights

Gain mastery over network error management in Flutter. Efficiently tackle network-related exceptions to ensure consistent app performance and user satisfaction.

Deciphering Flutter Stack Traces

Leverage the power of stack traces in Flutter to quickly identify error sources. Navigate through complex error paths with ease for faster issue resolution.

Personalized Error Handling in Flutter

Create customized error handling mechanisms tailored to your Flutter app's needs. Enhance error management with strategies specific to your app's architecture.

Error Notification - Flutter debugger - zipy ai

Error Notification

Instant Alerts for Flutter Errors

Stay ahead with instant error alerts in Flutter. Quickly address issues as they arise, maintaining a high standard of app quality.

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Diagnostic Analysis

Detailed Diagnostics for Flutter Errors

Engage in thorough diagnostic analysis for Flutter errors. Use comprehensive error logs for an in-depth understanding and swift resolution.

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Diagnostic Analysis - Flutter debugger - zipy ai
Resolution Techniques - Flutter debugger - zipy ai

Resolution Techniques

Agile Error Resolution in Flutter

Utilize agile techniques for error resolution in Flutter. Address issues effectively to reduce downtime and enhance user experience.

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“As a unified platform for user session replay, frontend & network monitoring, Zipy offers an efficient solution for all my debugging needs. It is an indispensable tool for any developer.

Patryk Pijanowski, Co-Founder

Codejet  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Patryk Pijanowski - Zipy's Happy Customer

"Also, we had a call with a customer yesterday end user's message was "it's broken". In Zipy, found the session, found the error, fixed the error. Five minutes total time from reporting to resolution. Zipy is amazing."

Eddy Martinez, CEO

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Zipy has changed my life in ways I can’t tell you! Between 2 projects, I have found bugs that would have taken developers years of debugging.

Timothy Connolly, Co-founder & CTO

Directnorth  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Timothy Connolly  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We look at user sessions on Zipy on a daily basis. We understand what's going wrong in terms of technical issues and you fix those practically before the customer even reports it to you.”

Anjali Arya, Product & Analytics

SuprSend  - Zipy's Happy Customer
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“You realize how good a product is when you have been using it for a while and then discover that this use case is not even what the creators had in mind, but your tool has much more.”

Tomás Charles, Co-founder & CEO

Tomás Charles  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We integrated Zipy early on and it's now part of our daily scrums - my team has a constant eye on Production bugs. Zipy improves our Productivity significantly.”

Manish Mishra, Co-founder & CTO

Pazcare  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Manish Mishra  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy is clearly providing a very differentiated solution. Observability is going to be the key to understanding customer issues proactively and it impacts business outcomes directly.”

Jyoti Bansal, Co-founder

Appdynamics  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Jyoti Bansal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“I believe that you have a unicorn, and I don’t say it lightly. I can see how my team lights up with confidence having Zipy help them. Please count on my support in any way.”

Laz Fuentes, Founder & CEO

SQOR  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Laz Fuentes  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“5 Stars. In no time, Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user journeys, and fix the most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.”

Sandeep Rangdal, Senior Staff Engineer

mindtickle  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Sandeep Rangdal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy has been a 2-in-1 solution for us. Signed up solely for error debugging, but the session playback was so smooth that we also ended up ditching a well-known session recording tool.”

Vahe Hovhannisyan, Founder

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We use Zipy as a UX Performance & Debugging Tool. Every time there is a feature release, the testers use it to find issues. We really enjoy working with Zipy, they're very responsive & proactive.

Vineet Jawa, Founder  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vineet Jawa  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Debugging Advancements

Enhanced Debugging with Flutter

Experience enhanced debugging capabilities with Flutter's advanced tools. Streamline your debugging efforts for quicker and more effective issue resolution.

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Debugging Advancements - Flutter debugger - zipy ai
Performance Tracking - Flutter debugger - zipy ai

Performance Tracking

Monitoring Flutter App Health

Stay on top of your Flutter app's health with advanced performance tracking. Monitor key metrics to ensure optimal functionality and a superior user experience.

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User Interaction

Optimizing User Experience in Flutter

Optimize your Flutter app's user experience by efficiently handling errors. Ensure smooth interactions and high app quality to keep users engaged and satisfied.

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User Interaction - Flutter debugger - zipy ai

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is debugger in Flutter?

The debugger in Flutter, bolstered by the Flutter DevTools package, is a cornerstone for effective app development, offering a comprehensive suite of debugging and performance optimization tools. DevTools provides a robust environment for inspecting UI layouts, diagnosing performance issues, and viewing logs, among other functionalities. It integrates seamlessly with popular IDEs like Android Studio, IntelliJ, and VS Code, enhancing the debugging experience within these familiar platforms. Additionally, DevTools can be used in-browser or from the command line, catering to various development workflows. While Flutter DevTools excels in providing immediate, interactive debugging capabilities, integrating a tool like Zipy can further enhance error management in Flutter applications. Zipy specializes in capturing uncaught exceptions and errors, particularly useful in complex, asynchronous Flutter environments. It provides real-time insights into error occurrences and user impact, which might not be immediately evident during standard debugging sessions. This capability enables developers to identify, understand, and rectify issues swiftly, ensuring that their Flutter applications are not only functionally robust but also resilient in real-world usage. The combination of Flutter’s comprehensive debugging tools with Zipy’s proactive error tracking forms a powerful duo, ensuring high-quality, reliable mobile applications.

How do I debug Flutter in VS Code?

Debugging a Flutter application in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a straightforward process that integrates seamlessly into the development workflow. To initiate a debug session, first open the root folder of your Flutter project, which contains the pubspec.yaml file, in VS Code. Then, simply start the debugging process by selecting 'Run > Start Debugging' from the menu or by pressing F5. This action launches the app in debug mode, allowing you to set breakpoints, inspect variables, step through the code, and watch expressions to understand and resolve issues effectively. VS Code provides an intuitive interface for debugging, making it easier to identify and fix problems quickly. It allows for real-time code editing and hot reload, which means changes can be made on-the-fly and reflected immediately in the app, enhancing the debugging efficiency. In addition to VS Code's debugging features, integrating a tool like Zipy can provide significant benefits in error tracking and management for Flutter applications. Zipy excels in identifying and capturing uncaught exceptions and errors, especially useful when dealing with complex Flutter apps. It offers insights into error patterns and user impact, enabling developers to address issues that might not be immediately apparent during conventional debugging. By combining the debugging capabilities of VS Code with Zipy's proactive error monitoring, developers can ensure a more robust and user-friendly Flutter application, reducing the likelihood of errors in production environments.

How do I debug a Flutter module?

Debugging a Flutter module, particularly using Android Studio, is an effective way to ensure your application runs smoothly. The process begins by opening the Flutter app directory in Android Studio. To do this, navigate to 'File > Open…' and select the my_app directory. Once the project is open in Android Studio, locate and open the lib/main.dart file. This file typically contains the main entry point for a Flutter app. Next, choose a virtual Android device for debugging. Android Studio offers a range of virtual devices that simulate different Android environments, allowing you to test how your app performs on various devices. After selecting the virtual device, you can start the debugging session. From the toolbar, click 'Run 'main.dart'' to launch the app on the chosen virtual device. This action starts your Flutter module in debug mode, enabling you to set breakpoints, inspect variables, and step through the code. In addition to Android Studio's debugging capabilities, integrating a tool like Zipy can greatly enhance the debugging process for Flutter modules. Zipy specializes in real-time error tracking, capturing uncaught exceptions and errors that might occur during the application's runtime. This is especially beneficial for identifying and resolving issues that are not immediately obvious during the development phase. With Zipy, developers gain deeper insights into the performance of their Flutter module in real-world scenarios, ensuring a more stable and reliable application.

How do you debug a Flutter test?

Debugging a Flutter test involves understanding the current state of the Widgets library, which can be achieved using the debugDumpApp() function. This function is instrumental in dumping the state of the Widgets tree, providing valuable insights into the widget properties and layout during the execution of your test. To use debugDumpApp(), start by opening your source file where the test is located. Then, import the package:flutter/rendering.dart at the beginning of this file. Within the runApp() function in your test, call the debugDumpApp() function. This action will output the current state of the widget tree to the console, allowing you to inspect the properties and states of all the widgets. If your app hasn’t been started yet, begin debugging using your IDE, which will allow you to see the output of debugDumpApp() as the app runs. If your app is already running, simply save your source file after adding the debugDumpApp() call to trigger a hot reload. This will execute the new code and display the widget state information. In conjunction with these Flutter test debugging techniques, a tool like Zipy can offer additional advantages. Zipy helps in tracking and capturing uncaught exceptions and errors during the runtime of your Flutter tests. It provides real-time error monitoring, which is particularly beneficial in detecting issues that might not be visible through standard widget state inspection. With Zipy, you gain deeper insights into how your tests are performing in different scenarios, ensuring more comprehensive and effective debugging. This combination of Flutter's built-in debugging functions and Zipy's error tracking capabilities ensures thorough testing and debugging of your Flutter applications.

How do you check logs in Flutter?

In Flutter, checking logs, especially during unit test executions, is a critical part of diagnosing and resolving issues. To capture logs from Flutter tests, you need to set a specific configuration in your development environment. Start by setting the dart.flutterTestLogFile configuration to a file path where you want the log files to be stored. For instance, you might set it to /Users/dantup/Desktop/flutterTest or any other path where you prefer to store your logs. This setting directs Flutter to save all the logs related to test executions to the specified file, allowing you to review them later for debugging purposes. These logs can provide invaluable information about the behavior of your tests, including any errors or unexpected outcomes that occur during their execution. By examining these logs, you can gain insights into the inner workings of your tests, helping you to identify and fix issues more efficiently. Additionally, integrating a tool like Zipy can complement this logging process by providing advanced error tracking capabilities. Zipy excels in monitoring and capturing uncaught exceptions and errors in real-time, including those that might not be immediately apparent in standard test logs. It provides detailed insights into errors and their impact on the application, enabling developers to address issues more comprehensively. By combining the detailed logging provided by Flutter with Zipy's proactive error monitoring, developers can achieve a more robust and thorough debugging process, leading to higher quality and more reliable Flutter applications.

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