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Zipy's React Native debugger for Android developers

Revolutionize Android app debugging with Zipy's React Native Debugger. Streamline debugging for primo React Native apps and raise your app quality now.

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Zipy Crash Logs - React Native Debugger

Crash Logs

Capture and analyze crash logs with Zipy's React Native debugger. Pinpoint the root causes of app crashes and take immediate corrective actions to improve your app's stability.

Zipy ANR Logs - React Native Debugger

ANR Logs

Identify all instances of Application Not Responding (ANR) proactively. Fine-tune your app's responsiveness, thus enabling you to deliver a smoother user experience.

Zipy ADB Logs - React Native Debugger

ADB Logs

Get all ADB (Android Debug Bridge) logs within Zipy. Maintain optimal performance with easy tracing and troubleshooting of various app issues.

Zipy Network Calls Monitoring - React Native Debugger

Network Calls Monitoring

Get comprehensive network calls monitoring. Track and analyze network requests, response times, and potential bottlenecks to improve your app's network efficiency.

Zipy Stacktrace - React Native Debugger


Detailed stacktrace to help you identify the origin of exceptions and errors. Streamline debugging efforts with Zipy's React Native debugger for more effective issue resolution.

Zipy Custom Logs - React Native Debugger

Custom Logs

Use custom logging for specific events or conditions within your app. Take a more tailored approach to debugging your React Native app and performance optimization.

Zipy Log Messages and Exceptions - React Native Debugger

Log Messages and Exceptions

Easily log messages and exceptions on Zipy's React Native Debugger

Log messages and exceptions within your Android app on Zipy. Capture log messages, view detailed stack traces for exceptions, and analyze the information for debugging purposes. Zipy acts as a centralized platform for managing these crucial diagnostic elements and streamlines your debugging process. Identify and resolve issues more effectively with Zipy.

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Debugging in minutes

Accelerate the debugging process and improve productivity

Zipy is designed to expedite the debugging process on your React Native app . With Zipy, developers can debug their applications more efficiently and effectively. Identify and resolve issues in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Speeding up your development cycles. Zipy's intuitive and powerful debugging features enable quick diagnosis, reducing the time spent on identifying and resolving React Native app issues.

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Zipy Debugging in minutes - React Native Debugger
Zipy Capture App Freezes - React Native Debugger

Capture App Freezes

Detect and capture instances of app freezes

Resolve app freezes that can be a significant contributor to bad user experiences. Zipy's React Native debugger equips you with the tools to detect and capture these freezes. Identify the root causes of app freezes, gain insights into why they occur, and implement solutions to ensure a smoother user experience. Ensure your Android app operates without interruptions and performs seamlessly.

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“As a unified platform for user session replay, frontend & network monitoring, Zipy offers an efficient solution for all my debugging needs. It is an indispensable tool for any developer.

Patryk Pijanowski, Co-Founder

Codejet  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Patryk Pijanowski - Zipy's Happy Customer

"Also, we had a call with a customer yesterday end user's message was "it's broken". In Zipy, found the session, found the error, fixed the error. Five minutes total time from reporting to resolution. Zipy is amazing."

Eddy Martinez, CEO

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Zipy has changed my life in ways I can’t tell you! Between 2 projects, I have found bugs that would have taken developers years of debugging.

Timothy Connolly, Co-founder & CTO

Directnorth  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Timothy Connolly  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We look at user sessions on Zipy on a daily basis. We understand what's going wrong in terms of technical issues and you fix those practically before the customer even reports it to you.”

Anjali Arya, Product & Analytics

SuprSend  - Zipy's Happy Customer
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“You realize how good a product is when you have been using it for a while and then discover that this use case is not even what the creators had in mind, but your tool has much more.”

Tomás Charles, Co-founder & CEO

Tomás Charles  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We integrated Zipy early on and it's now part of our daily scrums - my team has a constant eye on Production bugs. Zipy improves our Productivity significantly.”

Manish Mishra, Co-founder & CTO

Pazcare  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Manish Mishra  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy is clearly providing a very differentiated solution. Observability is going to be the key to understanding customer issues proactively and it impacts business outcomes directly.”

Jyoti Bansal, Co-founder

Appdynamics  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Jyoti Bansal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“I believe that you have a unicorn, and I don’t say it lightly. I can see how my team lights up with confidence having Zipy help them. Please count on my support in any way.”

Laz Fuentes, Founder & CEO

SQOR  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Laz Fuentes  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“5 Stars. In no time, Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user journeys, and fix the most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.”

Sandeep Rangdal, Senior Staff Engineer

mindtickle  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Sandeep Rangdal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy has been a 2-in-1 solution for us. Signed up solely for error debugging, but the session playback was so smooth that we also ended up ditching a well-known session recording tool.”

Vahe Hovhannisyan, Founder

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We use Zipy as a UX Performance & Debugging Tool. Every time there is a feature release, the testers use it to find issues. We really enjoy working with Zipy, they're very responsive & proactive.

Vineet Jawa, Founder  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vineet Jawa  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Monitor App Crashes

Comprehensive monitoring of app crashes

App crashes are among the most critical issues affecting your user experience. Zipy offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage app crashes effectively. Easily track the crash occurrences, identify patterns, and access detailed crash logs and stack traces. Understand the causes of crashes and make necessary improvements to ensure a more stable and reliable app.

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Zipy Monitor App Crashes - React Native Debugger
Zipy Get your App Logs - React Native Debugger

Get your App Logs

Analyze app logs for essential information during Android app debugging

Accessing app logs is a fundamental aspect of debugging your app. Zipy's React Native debugger provides you with quick access to app logs. Review and analyze log data with ease. Track user interactions, monitor system events, and identify issues that might affect your app's performance. Improve your ability to detect and address problems in your Android application, contributing to a more effective debugging process.

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Optimize Your App Performance

Use app performance data to identify bottlenecks and improve app efficiency

Optimizing your app performance with Zipy. Utilise Zipy's React Native debugger - comprehensive suite of performance monitoring and Android app debugging tools. Use features like network calls monitoring, custom logs, and stacktrace analysis to identify performance bottlenecks, improve response times, and enhance overall efficiency. Make sure your Android app runs at its best and delivers top-notch user experience.

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Zipy Optimize Your App Performance - React Native Debugger

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use debugger in React Native?

Debugging in React Native using Zipy entails a streamlined process to ensure a bug-free application. Here's how you can leverage Zipy's react native debugger: Step 1: Kickstart by setting up your React Native Cli App. Step 2: Proceed by creating a button within the app. Step 3: Install the React Native VSCode Extension for a seamless debugging experience. Step 4a: For Android App debugging, follow's specific guidelines. Step 4b: Similarly, for iOS App debugging, adhere to Zipy's recommended steps. Step 5: (Important) Ensure remote debugging is enabled to utilize Zipy's Advanced Dev Tools. Step 6: Debug the button press using Zipy’s Error Debugging and Console Logs features to pinpoint and resolve any issues swiftly.

How do I download React Native debugger?

To download the React Native debugger for Zipy, head over to the release page on the website. Once downloaded, click to open the Debugger. Utilize the shortcut ⌘+t to open a new window and adjust the port setting to 19001. Following this, initiate your expo app with the command 'npm start', then open the Developer menu and enable the "Debug JS Remotely" option. Lastly, configure the “__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__” setting as illustrated on the guidelines page. The React Native debugger, along with the robust features of Zipy, will significantly streamline your debugging process especially if you're working within a React Native environment.

What are the two main ways of debugging in react native?

In React Native, debugging can be performed in two primary ways. First, by enabling remote debugging mode within your app, you can utilize the React Developer Tools through a Chrome tab. Second, the React Native Debugger, a standalone application, can be used which seamlessly integrates the React Developer Tools along with other debugging features. With, debugging is further streamlined, especially with the "Error Debugging" feature which can be a boon for React Native developers. The React Native Debugger and Zipy's robust debugging features together create a conducive environment for resolving issues effectively and ensuring optimal app performance.

How do I debug a network call in React Native?

To debug a network call in React Native using Zipy, initiate by launching your app and running your React Native application in debug mode. Hit Cmd+D (iOS) or Cmd+M (Android) on your emulator/simulator or give your device a gentle shake to open the debugger. Once in the React Native Debugger, steer to the “Network” tab to scrutinize all network requests dispatched by your app.'s extensive features like Network Logs and Advanced Dev Tools can further enhance your debugging experience. Particularly, the React Native Debugger, aligned with Zipy's robust functionality, streamlines the process of identifying and resolving network-related issues.

What is the name of the debugger in React Native?

In the realm of React Native, the tool often recognized for debugging purposes is the 'React Native Debugger'. This debugger, specifically tailored for React Native, incorporates the essence of 'React Chrome Developer Tools'. Much like the 'Chrome DevTools', it is adept at debugging the code for applications. Thanks to its alignment with JavaScript, it effortlessly caters to both web and mobile app debugging, embodying a seamless extension of the React Native developer's toolkit. This makes the transition between debugging environments nearly indistinct, upholding the intuitive debugging experience that React Native developers cherish. Additionally, with's robust feature set including Error Debugging and Advanced Dev Tools, developers are further empowered to trace and resolve issues efficiently within their React Native projects.

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