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Drivetrain is a leading cloud-based strategic finance platform that empowers businesses to build flexible budgets and forecasts, and board-ready reports to scale their business with confidence. Catering to CFOs and business leaders at B2B companies, the company has raised $15 million in funding and has a diverse customer base.

With Drivetrain, businesses gain a single source of truth for financial and operational data, allowing them to track business performance, giving a comprehensive picture of how their company is performing and how they can influence your business. The platform’s suite of tools include multidimensional financial modelling solution, automated reporting, rolling budgets, what if scenario analysis and predictive forecasting.


Drivetrain wanted to optimize their marketing strategies and improve user experience on their digital platforms. Their needs were multifaceted:

  1. Their previous analytics tool lacked depth. Limited insights into visitor behavior hindered their ability to identify and address issues efficiently. This meant that there were notable challenges in optimizing their website performance and refining their marketing funnel effectively.
  2. Additionally, their analytics was fragmented. The lack of a unified analytics platform made collaboration among teams disjointed. 


For their marketing team, it was about finding a tool that could seamlessly unify all their analytics efforts. As such, the answer to this puzzle was simple enough - one platform that does it all. Drivetrain was already using Zipy for some of their analytics. So, switching to Zipy completely for their website analytics enabled that unified approach.

The suite of features, including session replays, heatmaps, and custom segments, provided them with a more nuanced understanding of visitor/user behavior – something they had been missing before.

Since their tech team was already well-acquainted with Zipy, having extensively used the platform for error analytics, it allowed better alignment between the teams when implementing changes on the website.


Improved user experience 

Zipy’s session replays and heatmaps provided Drivetrain with insights that helped them make targeted optimizations of landing pages. This led to a 15% drop in bounce rates and a significant increase in average session duration.

Improved marketing funnel

The insights gained from analyzing visitor activity allowed Drivetrain to do a lot of data-driven experiments. These experiments included complete redesign of their landing pages among others. Real-time data from these experiments meant that they could validate their hypotheses, refine strategies, and measure the impact of optimizations on conversion rates and user experience.

Improved conversion rates

To add to the improvements in the marketing funnel through insights, Drivetrain integrated Zipy with their CRM,  HubSpot. This helped improve marketing campaign effectiveness credited to better data management and analysis.

Improved collaboration & alignment

Praveen (Head of Product Marketing at Drivetrain) stressed the notable impact on teamwork with their web development team. He states - 

“Zipy has transformed our process into a participative one. Instead of working in silos, we now collaborate closely, presenting our insights to both the visual design and web development teams. By providing the web dev team with the analysis behind the changes, everyone is more convinced and involved. It's made our workflow more engaging and effective.”

This resulted in a 17% increase in website engagement highlighting the importance of ongoing improvement as a part of a collaborative effort between marketing & web development teams. Drivetrain has identified and rectified form submission issues and many more issues leading to lower page abandonment rates.

Why Zipy?


Zipy's pricing was more favorable compared to Hotjar, making it a cost-effective choice for Drivetrain.

Unified Platform

Drivetrain’s need for a single platform for all their analytics to simplify their workflows.

Ease of use

Working with a unified platform made it easier for the team to use and understand the interface. As a result, their processes became more streamlined and clear.

Exceptional Customer Support

Zipy's customer support, especially through Slack, was prompt and proactive, demonstrating a commitment to Drivetrain's success and maximizing the value derived from the product.

“Zipy’s support is great. The response time is very fast, especially on Slack. They're proactive and really want us to succeed. That's a great customer success strategy.” 

- Praveen (Head of Product Marketing, Drivetrain)


Drivetrain's partnership with Zipy underlines the importance of using data and teamwork to make things happen. Drivetrain effectively nailed their marketing and user experience challenges. By introducing Zipy into their workflow, they didn't just streamline their operations; they built a culture of cohesion and cooperation across teams. With targeted optimizations, evidence-based experiments, and notable improvements in conversion rates, Drivetrain has marked significant progress in its growth trajectory. Coupled with the cost-effectiveness and comprehensiveness of Zipy which eliminates the need for multiple tools, their return on investment has been tremendous in a short span of time. 

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