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11 Best Fullstory Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Karthik MSN
~ 12 min read | Published on May 10, 2024


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  • Session replay
  • Network calls
  • Console Logs
  • Stack traces
  • User identification
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FullStory is recognized for its advanced session replay capabilities; however, it falls short in its event tracking functionality. Without the ability to monitor custom events on websites and native mobile apps directly, users are compelled to integrate external tools via FullStory's API for anything beyond basic interactions like clicks, page views, or text inputs. This additional step can complicate the analytics process.

Key Weaknesses of FullStory:

  • Event Tracking Limitations: Users need to import custom events from other tools, which can be cumbersome and limit the tool’s out-of-the-box usefulness.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Although FullStory excels at providing insights into individual user sessions, it offers limited capabilities for analyzing aggregated event data. This often necessitates the use of supplementary analytics tools.
  • User Journey Tracking: Following a single user across multiple sessions can be challenging, which complicates longitudinal user experience studies.
  • Pricing Structure Concerns: The pricing model often forces organizations to opt for smaller plans than needed, potentially leading to incomplete data capture and an underutilization of the tool’s capabilities.

For organizations looking for more robust event tracking at a more competitive price point, there are numerous alternatives in the market. One such alternative is Smartlook, which offers comprehensive analytics tools including heatmaps, session recording, event tracking, and funnel analysis at a lower cost.

Understanding FullStory Pricing Structure

FullStory pricing model is primarily designed for enterprise users and lacks transparent pricing details on its website. This can make it challenging for prospective customers to gauge the total cost of the service without direct inquiry.

Free Forever Plan

FullStory offers a "Free Forever" plan, which is capable of capturing up to 1,000 sessions per month. This plan is particularly beneficial for new websites that are just beginning to explore the advantages of behavioral analytics. It allows businesses to gain initial insights into user interactions without any financial commitment.

Startup Scholarship Program

For emerging businesses, FullStory provides a "Startup Scholarship Program." This initiative is designed to help startups leverage advanced analytics at a reduced cost during their formative stage. The exact number of sessions included in this tier remains unspecified, although some users have reported receiving up to 75,000 sessions per month for a slightly higher fee of about $250 per month.

Standard Pricing

Once the introductory period provided by the Startup Scholarship Program concludes, the pricing transitions to standard rates, which vary significantly based on the volume of user sessions required. The base price ranges from $250 to $800 per month. Companies needing to retain their data for longer than 30 days will face additional costs. Some users have compared the expense of FullStory’s services to that of major cloud services like Amazon Web Services, indicating a substantial investment, particularly for high-traffic sites.


The tiered pricing structure and potential lack of transparency may necessitate a thorough evaluation by businesses to ensure that FullStory aligns with their financial and analytical needs. Companies considering FullStory should prepare to discuss their specific requirements directly with FullStory’s sales team to obtain a clear understanding of the costs and features tailored to their usage levels.

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Exploring 11 best Fullstory Alternatives:

This discussion includes a comparative analysis of FullStory and several other tools, providing a broad perspective on the options available for digital analytics. Here is list of the tools that we will be discussing in detail : Offers a blend of session recording, error monitoring and API performance to enhance user behavior understanding and drive product adoption.

Amplitude, UXCam, Mixpanel, Heap: Each provides unique capabilities ranging from event tracking to user experience insights.

Other Tools: Including Hotjar, ContentSquare, Mouseflow, VWO, Fullstory, and Pendo, each offering distinct features that cater to various analytical needs.

1. Zipy vs Fullstory

Harness the power of an integrated platform that combines Session Replay, Product Analytics, Error Tracking, and API Performance Monitoring — all in one seamless package. Zipy eliminates the guesswork, enabling a profound understanding of your customer's actions and needs.

Understand Your Customers

  • Session Replay: Obtain a detailed view of user interactions through DOM replay, complete with console logs, network logs, and custom logs, providing a comprehensive narrative of user experiences.
  • Product Analytics: Gain insights into user adoption, conversions, and the distribution challenges they face. Zipy provides a holistic view of user behavior across B2B and B2C landscapes, capturing every interaction on a single platform.
  • Error Monitoring: Simplify problem resolution with real-time JavaScript and API error monitoring. Integrated with session replay, Zipy makes it effortless to pinpoint and resolve user issues.
  • Performance Monitoring: Identify and resolve the causes of slow API and page performance, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Advanced Features for In-depth Analysis

  • Heatmaps: Visualize user engagement with detailed heatmaps, understanding interaction patterns and optimizing user journeys.
  • Usability Issues: Tackle usability challenges using qualitative data from session replays, heatmaps, and quantitative insights from metrics like rage clicks and dead clicks.
  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Zipy has leveled up the game with the introduction of ‘AI Resolve’ which helps in solving error code issues, and with the upcoming inbuilt AI assistant, which allows product teams to gain automated insights from the product.

Solving Customer Experience Challenges with Zipy

Zipy proactively addresses customer experience challenges by capturing and analyzing every glitch in real time. It enables customer support, success teams, and product managers to quickly understand issues and initiate resolutions, significantly reducing customer churn. Zipy serves as a collaborative platform for customer support, product management, and development teams, streamlining workflows and enhancing product quality.

Zipy as the best Fullstory Alternative

When compared to Fullstory, Zipy stands out by not just matching, but extending the functionality in critical areas of digital user experience management:

  • Integrated Analytics and Error Resolution: Zipy combines robust product analytics with advanced error tracking mechanisms. This dual approach not only identifies but also resolves user problems proactively, ensuring a smooth digital experience.
  • Comprehensive Session Replay: Unlike basic replays, Zipy’s session replay integrates with error logs and performance metrics, providing a more detailed understanding of user interactions.
  • Real-Time Performance Insights: With Zipy, performance monitoring goes beyond surface-level metrics. Dive deep into API performance issues with real-time diagnostics and actionable recommendations.
  • Product Analytics: With Zipy’s enhanced customer behavior and product engagement insights, tracking daily, weekly, and monthly active users becomes straightforward, enriching your insights with detailed user journey analytics and clickstream data.
  • Error Monitoring: Proactively detect and resolve both reported and unreported issues, digging deeper with an integrated DevTools environment that includes stack traces and extensive logging capabilities.
  • Customer Data Optimization: Create targeted cohorts and segments to better understand user behavior and drive conversions, optimizing your strategies for maximum revenue.

Zipy vs Fullstory Pricing

Compared to Fullstory, Zipy offers a much more transparent and competitive pricing structure designed to provide excellent value for businesses of all sizes. Understanding that every organization has unique needs, Zipy has crafted a variety of plans to ensure that you get the most out of your investment without compromising on features.

For detailed information on Zipy’s plans and to find a pricing structure that best fits your needs, please visit Zipy’s pricing page.

See what G2 reviews say about Zipy:

"Excellent tool for user interaction insights"
★★★★★ Zipy is enabled for both our app and website. Extremely useful for tracking user behavior and analysing to find errors (submit button not working) or make changes to the layout (landing pages). The features I like are filters to create segments, export to csv and integrations to Hubspot. It's quite user-friendly too and their support is great.

- Praveen R.

"A Seamless Integration of Session Recording and Frontend Debugging"
★★★★★ We have been utilizing Zipy from the initial phases, and the remarkable progress they have achieved is impressive. If you seek a tool that seamlessly integrates session recording and frontend debugging, Zipy is a top-notch selection.

- Burak D.

"Helpful Insights, Effective Debugging and Outstanding Support"
★★★★★ Zipy has been a game-changer in streamlining our debugging processes. The ease to replay user sessions and filtering them based on geography, email id. etc. has really helped us improve our product with the valuable insights. It's also easier to integrate with our backend monitoring tool and chat support, allowing us to easily access the session linked with each chat initiated by our users. What truly sets apart Zipy is their team's prompt support. Their team is always available and helps with faster error resolutions.

- Nikha G.

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2. Amplitude vs Fullstory

Amplitude is a robust product analytics platform designed to help teams track user behavior and optimize the digital experience across web and mobile applications, establishing it as a powerful option among Fullstory alternatives. Unlike traditional tools that may require extensive setup, Amplitude focuses on event tracking, allowing product managers and development teams to gain deep insights into user interactions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Behavioral Analytics: Amplitude excels in providing detailed analytics on user behaviors. Teams can monitor how users interact with their product, identifying patterns that lead to increased engagement or potential areas for improvement, making it a compelling choice among Fullstory alternatives.
  • Secure Collaboration: The platform facilitates secure data sharing and teamwork, ensuring that insights and analytics are easily accessible across the organization while maintaining data integrity and security.
  • Customizable Data Structure: Amplitude offers a flexible data setup, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each team, enhancing the relevance and applicability of the data collected, similar to what users might expect from other Fullstory alternatives.

See what G2 user reviews say about Amplitude


  • Intuitive UI and Visuals: The platform’s user interface and visual data presentation are highly praised, making it appealing for data-driven product managers and a strong competitor to other Fullstory alternatives.
  • Reliable Experimentation Platform: It provides reliable tools for running experiments and testing hypotheses, which is crucial for iterative development processes.
★★★★★ Oh, I really like how Amplitude Analytics provides in-depth insights into user behavior and helps me understand how people interact with my website or app. The real-time analytics and user-friendly interface make it easy for me to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions. Plus, the platform's flexibility allows me to create custom reports and analyze specific events, giving me a comprehensive view of user engagement. Overall, it's a powerful tool that greatly enhances my ability to optimize and improve the user experience.

- Ignacio R.


  • Resource Intensive Setup: The need for manual configuration and event tracking may demand significant engineering resources, a consideration for teams evaluating Fullstory alternatives.
  • Cost Concerns:As per user reviews, the pricing can escalate quickly depending on usage, which might make it less feasible for teams with limited budgets or those who need extensive event tracking capabilities, similar to some Fullstory alternatives.
"Decent platform for those who are new to analytics. Better options for those who want deep insights"
★☆☆☆☆ If you're new to data analytics, or don't have data-minded people in product/eng, amplitude will be a lifesaver. I think as a tool it would have been nonpareil for smaller companies five or ten years ago. The problem is that data literacy among most organizations has increased and Amplitude uiis being left in the dust when it comes to allowing organizations to ask quesitons that are different to what amplitude thinks is best. You can't freely browse and explore your data, you need to go through a convoluted process of picking their specific kind of chart, which has ridiculous limitations. Want to see a count of users with event property = X for a dashboard? Tough, you can only see it as a donut chart or bar chart. Want to see how that property evolves over time? Sorry, not supported. Want to build a cohort on the fly to filter out a specific segment? Sorry, have to go to the cohort page and click through 4 screens to get it done. The handholding and lack of flexibility is great when you're brand new to the concept of using data, but quickly becomes a burden when you want to anything more than the most rudimentary analysis, or when you want to answer a question that amplitude hasn't built a dedicated flow for. Customer support in the startup plans is also non existent. You'll have to ask community members for customer support, which can take days to get a response from.

- Verified User in Information Technology and Services

Amplitude vs Fullstory Pricing:

Amplitude offers a tiered pricing structure:

  • Free Starter Plan: ncludes core analytics features, unlimited data retention, unlimited user seats, and supports tracking for up to 10 million actions per month. This plan is ideal for startups and smaller teams just beginning with analytics, offering a competitive edge over some Fullstory alternatives.
  • Growth Plan: For access to more advanced features, including predictive analytics, customers must upgrade to the Growth plan. Specific pricing details are not publicly available on their website, suggesting that pricing may vary based on the scale of use and specific needs of the business.

Users note that while the initial cost may be manageable, the pricing can increase significantly with higher usage levels, making it potentially expensive for companies as they scale.

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Fullstory alternative

3. Hotjar vs Fullstory

Hotjar offers a unique approach to understanding user behavior and emotions through its Product Experience Insights platform. Designed to help product teams deliver value by capturing both qualitative and quantitative data, Hotjar illustrates how users interact with websites and applications, providing clear, actionable insights. The tool's setup is straightforward, requiring minimal technical skills and is ready for immediate integration with most popular platforms, fully compliant with GDPR.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Heatmaps: Hotjar’s heatmaps provide visual representations of user clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior, revealing what users are attracted to and interact with the most on a website.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, featuring powerful filters and tools that enhance collaborative efforts within teams.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Hotjar can be easily integrated into virtually any website setup, making it an accessible tool for a wide range of businesses.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Insights: By blending data points with unbiased user behavior observations, Hotjar allows teams to see the connection between what users do and why they do it.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Intuitive Heatmaps: Users highly appreciate Hotjar's heatmap functionality, which visually represents where users are clicking and spending time on a website. This feature is instrumental in understanding user behavior and optimizing webpage layouts to enhance visitor interactions.
  • Ease of Use: Hotjar is praised for its user-friendly interface and straightforward website integration, making it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise. This ease of use extends to the tracking and analysis of website analytics, which can be managed without significant hassle.
"Decent platform for those who are new to analytics. Better options for those who want deep insights"
★★★★★ In Hotjar maily like Heatmaps. The heat maps are like maps that show where people are looking and clicking on our website. It helps me see what section users click the clicks more, and how much time they spend with it. This helps make our website better for visitors. Website integration on Hotjar is easy. Easy to use and track the analytics. Hotjar customer support is also very supportive.

- Verified User in Information Technology and Services


  • Limited Actionable Insights from Session Recordings: While the session recording feature is interesting and offers a direct view of user interactions, some users find it challenging to extract actionable insights from these recordings. The data, while rich, often does not translate easily into clear decisions or strategies, leading to potential frustration among teams who spend significant time reviewing this content without clear outcomes.
  • Perceived Effectiveness: There is a sentiment among some users that, despite the appealing features and data provided by Hotjar, the platform sometimes falls short in helping make definitive business decisions. Users feel that while the tools are useful for gathering data, the translation of this data into effective, actionable strategies is not always straightforward.
"The idea is cool, but it's hard to make decisions from Hotjar"
★★★☆☆ Watching recordings of visitors is cool, because you can see where they go on the site and everything. However, it's nearly impossible for me to gain anything from them. I once sat with my coworkers once and we watched recordings for 30-45 minutes. Afterwards we had no idea how to move forward.

- Shelby L.

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4. Mixpanel vs Fullstory

Mixpanel serves as a sophisticated event analytics and funnel analysis platform, designed specifically to understand user behaviors and optimize conversion processes. While it doesn’t offer session recordings or heatmaps like some competitors, its robust analytical capabilities make it a viable Fullstory alternative for organizations focused on detailed event tracking and user engagement.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Behavioral Analytics: Mixpanel allows teams to dive deep into user behavior, helping identify why certain users do not convert. The platform’s analytics tools are crucial for businesses looking to streamline their user experiences and increase engagement, positioning it as a strong Fullstory alternative.
  • Interactive Reporting: Users can interact with reports dynamically, which makes data analysis more intuitive and insightful.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Mixpanel is built to handle large volumes of data and user interactions, making it ideal for enterprises or applications expecting high transaction volumes. Its capacity for scalability is a key reason why it is considered among the top Fullstory alternatives.

Mixpanel vs Fullstory Pricing

Mixpanel offers a structured pricing model that is competitive among Fullstory alternatives, based on the number of monthly tracked users. The platform suggests selecting a plan that covers both active and anonymous users to avoid data caps:

  • Standard Pricing: Tracking 10,000 monthly users typically costs around $190/month, offering a cost-effective solution within the realm of Fullstory alternatives.
  • Free Version: Available for tracking up to 100K monthly users, though with limited feature access, offering a good starting point for smaller teams or startups, making it an accessible Fullstory alternative.

What the G2 User Review Insights say


  • Exceptional Customer Support: Users consistently praise Mixpanel for its excellent customer service, particularly highlighting the support staff's expertise and dedication. The personalized assistance provided by team members like Ashley helps ensure that businesses can fully leverage Mixpanel’s capabilities to meet their specific needs, making it a preferred Fullstory alternative.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Mixpanel's platform is noted for its simplicity and ease of use. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it quick to learn and effective for small teams, especially those new to using product analytics tools, further reinforcing its status as a valuable Fullstory alternative.
"Exceptional Support and Expertise: A Mixpanel Experience Highlighted by Ashley's Outstanding Service"
★★★★★ I recently had the opportunity to use Mixpanel for our analytics needs, and I'm thoroughly impressed by both the platform and the support team. A standout experience was with Ashley, their support engineer, who went above and beyond in assisting us. She demonstrated not only deep expertise but also a remarkable commitment to solving our specific challenges. Ashley's proactive approach, coupled with clear and helpful guidance, made our experience exceptionally positive. It's rare to encounter such dedicated and effective customer support. Mixpanel, thanks to professionals like Ashley, has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team.

- Piam K.


  • Cost Considerations: While users find the tool valuable, Mixpanel is noted to be more expensive than some would prefer, especially when compared to other Fullstory alternatives. The pricing, particularly as companies scale, can become a significant consideration. Some users report steep increases that seem disproportionate to their usage growth, which may prompt them to consider other Fullstory alternatives for more sustainable cost management.
  • Pricing Model Concerns: Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with what they perceive as a predatory pricing model. Specific instances of high overage charges and the pressure to commit to expensive annual contracts have been points of contention. This aspect makes some customers feel trapped as their usage of the platform increases, potentially driving them to seek more flexible Fullstory alternatives.
"Be careful of their pricing model"
★☆☆☆☆ Predatory pricing model if you start to grow they treat you like a prisoner. We were charged a $25,000 overage for a single month but offer a way to avoid it by signing up to a nearly $100k annual contract.

- Verified User in Internet

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Fullstory alternative

5. Pendo vs Fullstory

A Fullstory Alternative, Pendo is a robust web and mobile analytics platform tailored specifically for SaaS product teams aiming to enhance user adoption and retention. Unlike traditional analytics tools that require extensive setup and tagging, Pendo offers a codeless installation process that begins tracking user activity immediately upon implementation, making it a standout choice among Fullstory alternatives.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Behavioral Analytics: Pendo's strong suit is its ability to provide insights into user behavior without the need for complex configurations, helping teams understand how users interact with their products.
  • Self-Service Support: The platform includes tools that empower users to resolve their queries independently, which can significantly improve the overall user experience and reduce support costs.
  • User Feedback Collection: Pendo facilitates direct user feedback collection, allowing teams to gather actionable insights that can drive product improvements. This direct engagement with users is a key advantage for those considering Fullstory alternatives.

Pendo vs Fullstory Pricing

Pendo offers a free version that supports up to 1,000 monthly active users, making it an accessible option for startups and smaller teams looking for Fullstory alternatives. The platform does not publicly disclose pricing for its higher tiers, which suggests that they may vary based on the scale of usage and the specific services required, a common practice among Fullstory alternatives.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Intuitive and Easy to Use: Users find Pendo's interface simple and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and quickly learn how to use its various features effectively. Its user-friendliness is often highlighted as a strong point compared to other Fullstory alternatives.
  • Valuable Insights: Pendo provides valuable insights through its heatmap and workflow features, which help users understand how customers interact with their product. These tools offer a quick view of the most used features on a page and trace customer journeys to reveal usage patterns and potential struggles.
"Superb way to truly understand your customer behaviour"
★★★★★ We have recently integrated Pendo into our product and are already able to derive several useful insights within a short period of time. I spend at least 1-2 hours on the application daily at present. The application is simple to use and super intuitive to learn the ropes just by exploring the various features. I like the heatmap feature on the designer which gives a quick view of most used features on a page. I also like the 'workflows' and 'paths' features which provide insight into how customers reach a page, how much they're using it and what they might be struggling with.

- Verified User in Information Technology and Services


  • Limited Customization and Flexibility: Some users express frustration with Pendo’s lack of customization options, particularly in creating and saving custom reports or adjusting the dashboard to better fit their needs. This limited flexibility is a notable drawback when compared to other Fullstory alternatives, which may offer more robust customization capabilities.
  • Lack of Detailed User Engagement Data: The absence of mouse-tracking for hover actions limits the depth of engagement data provided by Pendo. Users feel that enabling detailed tracking, such as heatmaps that show hotspots on hover, would significantly enhance their ability to design optimal user experiences. This gap in functionality could be a critical factor for businesses evaluating Pendo against other Fullstory alternatives.
"Product could be great but needs a lot more customisation abilities"
★☆☆☆☆ We aim to use Pendo to gather feedback our sales team receives from customers however the tool is currently only set up to use if you have the app in built into your website and have customers send feedback directly. Bulk upload isn't usable as you can't upload to custom template. Manual upload takes forever.Having no control over what shows on your dashboard makes it useless. Would be great to save custom reports and to have more things pull into the report as since we can't do that, the data stored in pendo isn't of much use e.g. comments and multiple requesters

- Verified User in Financial Services

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6.Smartlook vs Fullstory

Smartlook stands out as a comprehensive analytics tool designed to decipher the "whys" behind user actions on websites and mobile apps, including specialized platforms like Unity games. Established in 2016, Smartlook has rapidly become a tool of choice for over 2,800 paying organizations worldwide, making it a favored option among Fullstory alternatives. By integrating session recordings, heatmaps, event tracking, and conversion funnels into one central dashboard, Smartlook facilitates collaborative and data-driven decision-making across teams, a key advantage it holds over other Fullstory alternatives.

Key Features and Benefits

  • User Session Recordings: Smartlook offers detailed recordings of user navigation, providing clear visibility into how users interact with digital properties.
  • Heatmaps: Visual heatmaps illustrate where users click, scroll, and spend time, which helps in understanding which areas of the site or app draw the most attention and engagement.
  • Conversion Funnels: The platform allows for the creation of conversion funnels, making it easier to identify where users drop off and to optimize the paths that lead to conversions.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: With capabilities that extend to recording user behavior in Unity games, Smartlook is versatile and applicable to a variety of platforms beyond just websites and traditional apps.

G2 Reviews 


  • Comprehensive User Screen Recordings: Smartlook excels in providing detailed screen recordings, which are invaluable for designers and product managers to observe user interactions and identify usability issues.
  • Heatmap Functionality: The heatmap feature is particularly useful for visualizing where users click most frequently, helping to optimize web page layouts and enhance user engagement. This functionality is instrumental in making data-driven decisions to improve overall site performance and stands out among Fullstory alternatives.
"Best to observe users and find bugs"
★★★★★ You will get all the user screen screen recordings. It's best for designers and PMs. It will also help you identify bugs and you can search specific users via custom user id. Heatmap is also of great use.

- Verified User in Media Production


  • Performance Issues: Users have reported that Smartlook can sometimes be slow, which may affect the efficiency of reviewing recordings and analyzing data.
  • Limited Search Functionality: The lack of bulk search options for user IDs can be a limitation for teams needing to perform large-scale analyses.
"Unfulfilled promises"
★☆☆☆☆ Can not link data to the user during the trial period or in free plan (but creates an internal user profile, just do not allow you to link data, and you have to do this manually). Heatmaps just do not work, and you have to contact support to know what this time happened .Recorder does not distinguish mouse or keyboard interactions. Support is not helpful at all.

- Verified User in Computer Games

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Fullstory alternative

7. Heap vs Fullstory

Heap revolutionizes how product, marketing, and customer success teams interact with data, setting it apart as one of the leading Fullstory alternatives. By automating the collection of every user interaction, Heap eliminates the need for extensive setup and manual event tagging required by traditional analytics platforms. Unlike others, Heap captures every click, swipe, tap, pageview, and form fill through a single JavaScript snippet. This approach not only simplifies data collection but also ensures that teams never miss important user interactions due to untracked events.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Autocapture: Heap's auto capture feature ensures that all user data is continuously collected without any manual setup. This allows teams to focus on analysis rather than data collection.
  • Integrated Session Replays: Session replays are integrated with Heap's data collection, enabling teams to view user interactions in the context of their overall behavior. This integrated approach is a valuable tool for those considering fullstory alternatives.
  • Heap Illuminate: This feature uses advanced data science to automatically identify and highlight areas of friction and opportunity within the user experience.
  • Heap Connect: Allows for seamless export of data to external data warehouses, facilitating broader data analysis and integration.

Heap vs Fullstory Pricing

Heap offers a free version suitable for smaller projects, supporting event tracking for up to 10,000 sessions per month. For larger enterprises or those needing more extensive capabilities, the Growth plan starts at $3,600 per year, providing a scalable solution for businesses at various stages of growth. These pricing options make Heap a competitive choice among Fullstory alternatives.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Efficient Data Processing: Heap is praised for its ability to process large volumes of data at high speeds, significantly outperforming traditional SQL methods in terms of query speed. This efficiency is crucial for teams that rely on real-time data to make quick decisions.
  • Automatic User Tracking: One of Heap’s standout features is its ability to automatically track every user action without the need for manual setup. This ensures that data collection is continuous and comprehensive, even when website designs change, preventing any gaps in data.
"Questions to insights in seconds!"
★★★★☆ The speed. Heap is amazing at running queries at lightning speed on event streams (which is what most product instrumentation is about). Using traditional SQL methods takes much longer. Very intutive to use once you get the hang of it. It takes some time to get used to events and properties BUT once you do it is very seamless. Amazing customer support. I have found Heap's customer success team to be one of the most proactive success teams around and they are super helpful in getting things done.

- Sashank K.


  • Integration Limitations: Some users have noted that Heap’s integration with other tools like Segment could be improved to bring in more metadata, enhancing the richness of the data collected. This is a consideration for those exploring Fullstory alternatives as they often look for robust integrative capabilities.
  • Clunky User Segmentation Interface: : The interface for creating and modifying user segments is described as cumbersome. Users find it frustrating, especially when analyzing multiple segments, as the interface tends to reset with each parameter change. This aspect could be a significant factor for potential users comparing Heap with other Fullstory alternatives, seeking more streamlined user experience solutions.

"Leaves a lot to be desired"
★★☆☆☆ The least helpful aspect of Heap is the interface provided for creating segments to evaluate certain populations of your customer base. When you want to change some parameters, the entire interface resets and this is very cumbersome when you want to look at multiple segments. Also, the custom API doesn't work well with Single Page Applications and has been quite the pain trying to solve some things.

- Verified User in Consumer Goods

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8. Logrocket vs Fullstory

LogRocket provides a simplified, powerful solution for tracking and diagnosing user interactions on web applications. By capturing detailed logs and session data, LogRocket offers teams the ability to thoroughly analyze technical issues and user behavior without requiring deep technical knowledge. The platform is browser-independent, enhancing its usability across different user environments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive User Interface: LogRocket's interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate and extract the specific logs and data they need for analysis.
  • Element Interaction Tracking: The platform excels in capturing detailed interactions within web applications, making it invaluable for debugging and understanding user flows.
  • Cross-Device Functionality: Being browser-independent, LogRocket ensures that user sessions are consistent and comprehensive across all platforms.

LogRocket vs Fullstory Pricing

LogRocket offers a tiered pricing structure that includes a free version for basic use, which is particularly useful for smaller teams or projects just starting out. The platform also provides a free trial of its professional features, allowing teams to assess its full capabilities before committing financially.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Detailed Session Playbacks: LogRocket's session playback feature is highly praised for its ability to show exact user interactions within an app, akin to looking over the user's shoulder. This level of detail is crucial for understanding user behavior, particularly in identifying usability issues or unintended interactions.
  • Integration with Customer Support Tools: Integrating LogRocket sessions with customer communication tools like Intercom significantly enhances customer support. This integration allows support teams to directly observe the actions that led to a user's query, improving the accuracy and efficiency of troubleshooting.
"Install Logrocket for UX insights, use it daily for QA"
★★★★★ LogRocket playback lets you see exactly how customers go through your app like you're looking over their shoulders. Whether its an accessibility issue or just simply bad UX design, you see how long it takes them to do what they want. We tie the LogRocket sessions to our customers Intercom accounts, so when they send us a help message we can click over and watch what they were trying to do. We've found it indispensible for trouble shooting. When something is attributed to 'user error' we've often found they simply did the right thing coming from the wrong place or in a manner we didn't expect. This is definitive -- and usually isn't something they've described verbally.

- Jerry N.


  • Session Management Issues: Some users have reported problems with how sessions are managed and displayed. Issues include sessions getting stuck, playback not smoothly skipping inactivity, and difficulties in managing sessions from multiple users. These problems can lead to a frustrating user experience, particularly when trying to analyze specific user journeys or troubleshoot issues.
  • Comparative User Experience: Users who have transitioned from FullStory to LogRocket have noted some drawbacks in the smoothness and intuitiveness of LogRocket's session replays. The lack of certain functionalities, such as adjusting the playback speed or sorting sessions in a preferred order, can hinder the effectiveness of analyzing user interactions.
"Not as smooth as I'd hoped"
★★★☆☆ We came from FullStory and I have to admit the contrast wasn't entirely pleasant. The session replays often get stuck and I have to remember my current position then refresh (incredibly annoying, especially if I forgot to check current position). The "skipping inactivity" doesn't appear to be skipping anything so I am forced to watch everything at 8x so that I'm not spending too much time waiting around. For users with multiple sessions, I prefer to watch them in chronological order so I can understand where they've come from. As I am unable to specify the sort order, I cannot use the auto-play feature, and have to manually select the session - also incredibly annoying.

- Sara H.

Analyze users, monitor errors, and drive product adoption.

Fullstory alternative

9. Mouseflow vs Fullstory

Mouseflow is a behavior analytics tool that excels in conversion rate optimization, offering a suite of features such as heatmaps, session recordings, conversion funnels, form analytics, and feedback campaigns. Designed to enhance website usability and optimize user interactions, Mouseflow is utilized by a broad spectrum of clients, including digital marketers, UX professionals, product managers, startups, and enterprises.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Session Recordings and Heatmaps: Mouseflow tracks user behavior through video recordings and provides comprehensive heatmap analytics, enabling teams to visualize user engagement and identify areas of improvement.
  • Conversion Funnels: Set up and monitor conversion funnels to pinpoint where and why potential customers drop off, allowing for targeted optimizations.
  • Form Analytics: Analyze how users interact with forms to enhance lead generation and reduce friction in the user journey.
  • Feedback Campaigns: Directly gather user feedback to better understand their needs and expectations, further informing UX improvements.
  • Friction Score: This unique feature uses machine learning to automatically score sessions based on user frustration, helping prioritize which sessions to review for potential issues.

Mouseflow vs Fullstory Pricing

Mouseflow provides flexible pricing based on monthly session tracking:

  • Free Version: Supports up to 500 sessions per month, ideal for small websites or initial testing phases.
  • Starter Plan: At $24 per month (billed annually), this plan tracks up to 5,000 sessions per month, catering to small to medium-sized businesses with moderate traffic.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Ease of Use and Implementation: Users frequently commend Mouseflow for its straightforward setup process and ease of use. The platform's user-friendly interface allows teams to quickly start monitoring and analyzing user behavior without significant technical hurdles.
  • Comprehensive Support: The Mouseflow support team is noted for their effective communication and helpfulness, providing reliable assistance from the initial implementation phase and throughout the ongoing use of the tool.
"Great Partner"
★★★★★ Mouseflow is easy to use and easy to implement. The team at Mosueflow has been great at supporting us starting with implementation through to the present. Our previous heatmap and session recording tool made some changes that lead to the decision to find a new partner. Since the move, we have not looked back. Mouseflow provides us with an enterprise solution that we can give page owners access to throughout the organization.

- Mark W.


  • Survey Tool Limitations: Some users have expressed a desire for more flexibility in how survey tools are displayed on their websites, suggesting a need for simpler customization options to better integrate these features into their user interfaces.
  • Restrictive Recording Rate Limits: Recent changes to Mouseflow’s recording rate limits have frustrated some users. The shift to a higher minimum recording rate means that some customers burn through their allocated session credits quickly, leaving them without valuable insights for the remainder of the month. This change has made the tool less usable for continuous monitoring throughout a full month.
"A good product ruined by recent recording rate limits on plans"
★★★★☆ They have recently added minimum recording rates to their plans. We've gone from being able to record 20% of our traffic which allowed us to capture some insight throughout the month, to being limited to a minimum of 75% of traffic which lasts a week then it stops recording until the credits refresh the following month. Makes the product unsusable for us. Introducing a daily recording limit would have been a better solution.

-Verified User in Sporting Goods

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10. Contentsquare vs Fullstory

Contentsquare is a cutting-edge digital experience analytics platform that goes beyond traditional analytics to deliver a deep understanding of customer experiences. With innovative technology designed to uncover user behaviors, intents, and attitudes, Contentsquare enables businesses to create more human-centered digital experiences. This focus on enhancing user interaction while prioritizing privacy and accessibility drives rapid growth, enhances business agility, and results in higher customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Advanced Behavioral Insights: Contentsquare’s platform captures detailed data on how users interact with online content, providing insights that help businesses understand the underlying factors driving user behavior.
  • Dynamic Content Optimization: Leveraging real-time analytics, Contentsquare allows for quick adjustments to digital content, ensuring that user experiences are continuously optimized for effectiveness and engagement.
  • Privacy and Accessibility: The platform is designed with a strong emphasis on user privacy and ensuring digital content is accessible to all users, aligning with global standards and regulations.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Exceptional Customer Support: Users consistently highlight the outstanding support provided by the Contentsquare team, particularly praising specific team members for going above and beyond in their service. The personalized assistance greatly enhances the user experience and facilitates problem-solving.
  • Effective Onboarding and Training: Contentsquare offers comprehensive onboarding and continuous education through its Contentsquare University, which hosts a wide range of easy-to-digest courses. This resource is particularly valuable for new users and teams, ensuring they can maximize the tool's potential.
"Phenomenal Tool, Phenomenal Support!"
★★★★★ The support received from the ContentSquare team is phenomenal, especially Maxime Cacaly. Max goes over and above for our team and our business, always ready and excited to help us problem solve and get the best bang for ou buck from this phenomenal tool. We've had a lot of new starters in our team and the onboarding has been smooth as silk thanks to the one-on-one training time as well as the always-on ContentSquare University which has a plethora of easy-to-digest courses. The community is one of my favorite features as well, when in doubt Google it on CS Community. Turns out I am never the only one asking something and there are so many ways to get an answer. Overall, as someone who was addicted to HotJar I am even more so with ContentSquare. The data gathered and problems solved has saved us time and energy while optimising for trade and effectiveness. I spend most of my time at work on this tool solving problems quickly, without it I would be spending hours just gathering data to try start the problem solving. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

- Marie d.


  • Frequent, Unannounced Updates: While continuous improvement is generally positive, the frequency and lack of communication regarding updates can be disruptive. Users have expressed frustration over changes that are implemented without prior notice or adequate explanation, which can temporarily impact the accuracy and reliability of reporting.
  • Complexity and Usability Issues: The complexity of Contentsquare's toolset can be overwhelming, even to the point where it's challenging for Contentsquare employees to fully grasp every functionality. This steep learning curve makes it difficult for less technical users to utilize the tool effectively and can hinder stakeholder buy-in.
"Complex Tool with Potential to be Great"
★★☆☆☆ The tool is so complex, that even the Contentsquare employees don't understand all it has to offer. It's a steep learning curve, for sure. Needs a lot of hand on time with the rep for the layman to understand how to benefit from the tool. Hard to get stakeholders buy in since they don't have the time to fully understand it.

- Mackenzie E.

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Fullstory alternative

11.VWO testing vs Fullstory

VWO Testing is a leading web testing and conversion optimization platform that enables businesses to conduct extensive digital experimentation to enhance user experiences and boost conversions. Tailored for ease of use, VWO allows enterprises and growing businesses alike to optimize their web presence across multiple devices without the need for IT intervention. With a strong emphasis on robust security and compliance, including GDPR, VWO stands out as a solid choice for organizations aiming to scale their experimentation efforts efficiently.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ease of Experimentation: VWO is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to quickly set up tests and experiments with minimal technical expertise required.
  • Comprehensive Testing Suite: From gathering user insights and prioritizing hypotheses to planning roadmaps and analyzing test results, VWO covers all aspects of the experimentation lifecycle.
  • Global Compliance and Security: With certifications such as BS and ISO, VWO ensures that all data handling is secure and compliant with international standards.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): VWO excels in helping businesses optimize their websites to improve conversions through A/B testing and other experimentation methods.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By allowing for quick testing of changes, VWO helps teams iterate on and enhance the user experience based on actual user data.
  • Efficient Roadmap Planning: The platform aids in effectively planning and executing a digital strategy that aligns with business goals.

G2 User Review Insights


  • Ease of Implementation: VWO is lauded for its straightforward setup process, where users can begin A/B testing simply by adding VWO's Smart Code to the head tag of their website.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform features an intuitive visual editor that simplifies configuring A/B tests, making it accessible even for those with limited technical skills.
"VWO is very solid solution. It's easy to configure with No blinkering and support is great"
★★★★★ To implement VWO you just need to add VWO's Smart Code to the Head tag of your website. It's easy to configure A/B tests with the Visual Editor. You can configure several types of goals/conversions and even use GTM to fire custom conversions.

- Antonia A.


  • Limited Integration Options: Some users wish for more integration capabilities, particularly with newer Google Analytics versions (GA4), project management tools like Asana, and advanced data visualization platforms to enhance cross-platform analysis and reporting.
  • Pushy Sales Tactics: There are concerns about the aggressiveness of VWO's sales team, with some users feeling that the staff could benefit from better training on the product to improve their consultative selling approach.
"VWO is a decent testing tool for marketers with limited developer resource"
★★★☆☆ VWO sales staff are very pushy and on occasion need upskilling on their product.

- Verified User

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In the competitive landscape of digital experience platforms, Zipy stands out as a comprehensive solution that transcends the typical offerings found in the market today. By integrating multiple critical functions—Session Replay, Product Analytics, Error Tracking, and API Performance Monitoring—into a single, seamless platform, Zipy offers a superior toolkit for understanding and enhancing the user experience.

Integrated Suite of Powerful Tools

Zipy's all-in-one platform eradicates the complexity and fragmentation often seen with using multiple analytics tools. It provides a unified view of user interactions through advanced session replays that integrate console logs, network logs, and custom logs for a complete narrative. This integration is critical for not only identifying user behaviors but also for understanding the underlying factors contributing to those behaviors.

Deep Insights and Proactive Problem Solving

With features like real-time error monitoring and performance diagnostics, Zipy goes beyond mere observation and provides actionable insights that can drastically improve user interactions and satisfaction. The platform’s ability to proactively detect and resolve issues reduces customer churn and enhances overall digital health. Advanced AI capabilities further augment this by resolving complex error codes and providing predictive insights that guide product improvements.

Customer Experience Transformation

Zipy's commitment to solving customer experience challenges is unmatched. It offers tools like detailed heatmaps and qualitative session data combined with quantitative analytics to tackle usability issues effectively. This dual approach allows teams to quickly pinpoint problems and refine their strategies, making every interaction smoother and more intuitive.

Competitive Edge Over Fullstory

When compared to Fullstory, Zipy not only matches but significantly extends functionality in crucial areas of digital user experience management. From integrated analytics that pair with advanced error resolution to comprehensive session replays that are enriched with performance metrics, Zipy provides a more detailed understanding and a greater capacity for improvement. Moreover, Zipy’s real-time performance insights equipped with actionable recommendations ensure that businesses can rapidly adapt and optimize their digital platforms, making it a standout among Fullstory alternatives.

Transparent and Value-Oriented Pricing

Zipy also offers a more transparent and competitive pricing structure than Fullstory, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes without compromising on the power and range of its features. Whether you are a startup looking to understand user behavior or a large enterprise aiming to refine a complex digital ecosystem, Zipy’s pricing models are designed to scale according to your needs.

Final Recommendation

For businesses seeking a robust, insightful, and cost-effective alternative to Fullstory, Zipy emerges as the clear choice. With its comprehensive suite of features, proactive support, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Zipy not only meets the current needs of digital businesses but also anticipates future challenges, positioning itself as a pivotal tool in the landscape of user experience analytics.

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