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How to improve customer support with customer observability tools?

Bharath Kumar
~ 4 min read | Published on Dec 16, 2023


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  • Session replay
  • Network calls
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  • User identification
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Heard of customer observability? Customer Observability is a software tool that helps you track the behavior of your customer while interacting with your digital product.

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Why should customer support teams use such tools?

Customer observability tools are immensely useful for customer support teams. Here, I list down a few of the primary use cases which reiterate the significance of these tools for a customer support team.

Case 1: Staying on top of our active customers

Every user is important to any software company. Understanding user behavior helps in devising appropriate strategies to retain, cross-sell and upsell. An observability tool helps in identifying patterns of user behavior. It can give us a comprehensive picture of the attributes that are helping and hampering the user experience.

Case 2: Proactively address customer issues

Continuous monitoring of user sessions helps in identifying issues that cause bad experiences. So by having a quick look at such types of cases we would be able to make sure that such cases would not occur for upcoming users.

Case 3: Better reporting of the issue

On many occasions, it is very difficult to understand the issue (or bug) the customer is faced with. Many developers are cognizant of the fact that there is a lot of loss in translation. An observability tool solves this issue as every minute detail of the user session is actively tracked. Further, it saves time for the customer, the support team and also the development team. This will also help in reducing the number of questions that the support team would have to pose to the customer to identify the problem. To sum it up, an observability tool reduces the friction between the customer and the company.

How does Zipy help me to be a better support engineer?

Perks of Zipy features for support teams

  • Session Playback
  • Advanced Filters
  • User Environment
  • Jump to error
  • Share URL

How our customer support team uses Zipy

So customers can reach out to us through three different ways - chat service, email or they can also raise a ticket on the customer support page.

When customers reach out to us with their queries, we must understand the issue clearly of what made them reach out to us. Once the issue is defined, basic information of the customer like Name and Email ID is captured.

Here is when Zipy plays a major role where I can quickly use our “Advanced Filters” which have various options by which you can filter an Identified customer like an Email Id, First Name, Last Name, Unique User Id, and many more(which is completely customizable). In this case, I would filter using the Email Id of the customer to instantaneously get to the session of the customer. Next, the recording of the user session can be played and the exact issue faced by the customer can be detected.

Distinct filters in the Zipy dashboard to identify unique users

If developers would like to have more information about customers such as OS, OS version, Browser, Browser Version and many more, Zipy takes care of all of those. You can find all this information under the tab ‘User Environment’.

Version information is easily available in user environment

Features such as “Jump to Errors” help the customer support team to quickly jump to a particular error in the session instead of viewing the complete session to see where the issue occurred.

Jump to different event types in the breadcrumb

Another important feature in Zipy is the “Share URL” where the support would be able to share a session with the exact time stamp of the sessions with the developers so that they don’t have to go through the entire session to identify the issue.

customer support is able to share session URL


From the above, it can be understood that a customer observability tool can be instrumental in reducing the friction between the customer and the company. It can also help the growth teams to retain, cross-sell and upsell in the days to come.

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