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Top chatgpt plugins to use at work

Anom Warbhuvan
~ 12 min read | Published on Dec 15, 2023


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ChatGPT is an amazing AI chatbot that can generate text on any topic, theme, or style you want. But did you know that you can also enhance its capabilities with plugins? These plugins help chatgpt to get up-to-date data, run computations, or utilize third-party administrations.

We have picked some plugins that will change how you have been using chatgpt. You can find some of these in the chatgpt store and while others are self hosted. Whether you are a chatgpt user, developer, or enthusiast, you will find something that suits your needs and preferences.

Now, let’s go through the plugins one-by-one.

1. Prompt Perfect

The Prompt Perfect plugin of chatgpt is a tool that helps you write better prompts for the AI chatbot. It takes your input and rephrases it to be more precise and contextual, enhancing the quality of chatgpt’s response.

You can initiate the plugin by typing ‘perfect’ in front of your prompt or by enabling the plugin and letting it identify prompts that could be improved.

The plugin is designed to simplify the process of prompt engineering and help you communicate your intention more clearly to chatgpt.

Some examples of original prompts and their refined versions using the Prompt Perfect chatgpt Plugin

  • Original prompt: Create a travel plan for a 1 week to Goa with a budget of $2000
  • Refined prompt: Write a detailed plan for a 1 week vacation in Goa, try including all the perks such as destinations, activities, accommodations, transportation, and costs. Assume that the budget is $2000 per person starts and ends in Pune.

2. OpenTable

The OpenTable plugin is a solution that allows people to make online restaurant reservations directly from your app. It connects to OpenTable's global network of over 60,000 restaurants, giving users real-time availability, ratings, menus, and more.

You may improve the functionality and user experience of your app, as well as generate more traffic and bookings to your restaurant partners, by using the OpenTable plugin.

The OpenTable plugin may help you create a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for your users, whether you want to offer restaurant recommendations, meal incentives, or personalised ideas. You can also use it to book tables for business meetings.

3. Out School

The Out School chatgpt plugin provides students and teachers with access to high-quality online classes from within their chatgpt interactions. It works with Out School's platform, which has over 100,000 live lessons for children of all ages and interests.

You may improve your learning experience and find new topics and skills by utilising the Out School chatgpt plugin. Out School ChatGPT plugin can help you identify and enroll in classes that meet your requirements and goals, whether you want to learn math, science, art, music, languages, or anything else.

Out School chatgpt is a plugin aimed to make online education more accessible, engaging, and enjoyable by asking questions and providing feedback.

4. Web Request

The Web request plugin is a tool that allows users to perform HTTP requests and return a response object. It can be used to observe and analyze traffic, and to intercept, block, or modify requests in-flight.

The plugin offers support for multiple communication protocols comprising popular options like GET-POST-PUT-DELETE among others.

Furthermore it allows users intricate control over critical elements like URLS-authentication-proxies as well other key components of these complex IT systems.. The plugin returns a response object that contains the status code, content, and headers of the HTTP response.

There are multiple chatgpt plugins to increase developer productivity. You can try these out automate your tasks, reduce manual effort and time consumed in it.

5. Zapier

The Zapier plugin is a instrument that permits clients to put through thousands of apps (like Google Sheets, Gmail, or Slack) and robotize assignments straightforwardly interior chatgpt. The plugin is fueled by Zapier’s Characteristic Dialect Activities API, which empowers chatgpt to utilize straightforward common dialect to total activities in other apps.

The plugin is consistent with all Zapier plans, but is right now rolling out to clients with a chatgpt Plus account. The Zapier plugin is designed to make automation easy and flexible for users who want to interact with web services or APIs.

For example, you can ask chatgpt to write and send an email, update a spreadsheet, post a tweet, or create a calendar event. It also supports various Zapier actions, such as search, update, and write. This plugin can be used by product managers to automate the repetitve tasks and prioritize work more efficienlty. Here are some chatgpt prompts for a product manager used to create a zap ( automated workflows that trigger actions based on certain events).

  • Create a zap that sends an email to your customers when they purchase a product from your WooCommerce store
  • Create a zap that adds new leads from your WordPress site to your CRM.

6. Kayak

The Kayak chatgpt plugin is a device that permits clients to hunt for travel alternatives utilizing common dialect on chatgpt, the AI-powered dialect demonstrate created by OpenAI.

Users can explore flights, inns, and rental cars based on their travel dates and goal or get proposals on where to go based on their budget. It integrates with Kayak’s global network of over 2 million travel options and provides users with access to real-time availability, prices, reviews, and more.

By using the Kayak chatgpt plugin, users can enhance their travel planning experience and discover new places and deals. Whether they want to explore the world, visit family and friends, or take a business trip, the Kayak chatgpt plugin can help them find and book their ideal travel option.

7. Link Reader

Link Reader is a tool that can read the content of all kinds of links, including webpages, PDF files, images, and more. You can provide any link to chatgpt and ask it to extract information or generate a summary from it. For example, you can ask chatgpt to summarize a news article, translate a webpage into another language, or analyze the sentiment of a blog post.

Link Reader is a Beta feature available to chatgpt Plus users. To use Link Reader, you need to install it from the Plugin Store and activate it using specific keywords or phrases. Some of the phrases you can use are:

  • Read this link for me
  • Summarize this link
  • Translate this link into Spanish
  • Analyze the tone of this link

8. Speak

Speak is a chatgpt plugin that facilitates language learning with Speak, an AI-powered language tutor. You can use Speak to learn how to say anything in another language, get real-time translations, and receive language learning tips and cultural insights.

To use Speak, you need to install it from the Plugin Store and activate it using specific keywords or phrases. Some of the phrases you can use are:

  • Teach me how to say hello in Spanish
  • Translate this sentence into Japanese
  • Explain the difference between pros and cons in German
  • Tell me something interesting about Korean culture

9. MixerBox OnePlayer

This chatgpt plugin allows you to enjoy unlimited music, podcasts, and videos across various genres. You can use MixerBox OnePlayer to search for and play your favorite songs, artists, albums, playlists, podcasts, and videos directly within chatgpt.

Here are some examples of the phrases which can be used: Play music by Two Pilots

  • Show me podcasts about AI
  • Watch videos of gameplays

Overall, it can help you experience the rhythm of your favorite tunes, learn new things from podcasts, and have fun with videos.

10. ShowMe

ShowMe is a powerful chatgpt plugin that lets you create and display various visualisations such as charts, maps, and diagrams. ShowMe allows you to create and display images that represent your thoughts, data, or concepts.

After you enable the plugin, you may communicate with chatgpt and instruct it to produce and display any visual you desire. chatgpt will generate and display the visual in the chat window using the Show Me plugin. You can also request follow-up requests, such as altering or adding graphic components.

11. SEO Assistant

SEO Assistant is a chatgpt plugin that assists you with various SEO activities such as keyword research, content optimisation, website auditing, and competitor analysis. SEO Assistant can help you boost your website's rating and exposure in search engines.

It is a valuable plugin for website owners, marketers, bloggers, or anyone who wants to boost their online presence and performance. It can help you create and implement effective SEO strategies that drive more traffic and conversions to your website

12. ApplePie

ApplePie is a chatgpt plugin that lets you construct Android and iOS mobile apps using text input. By simply explaining your app ideas to chatgpt, you may use ApplePie to make them a reality. It is a useful plugin for app developers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and anybody else who wants to rapidly and easily construct mobile apps.

ApplePie must be installed from the Plugin Store and activated using particular keywords or phrases. You can use the following phrases:

  • Create an app
  • Build an app
  • Design an app
  • Make an app

13. Hubbub

Hubbub is a chatgpt plugin that allows you to chat with your friends and family using voice messages. You send and receive voice messages within chatgpt, without leaving the chat window.

Hubbub is a fun plugin for socializing, communicating, and expressing yourself with voice. It can help you stay in touch with your loved ones and have more engaging and personal conversations. Moreover, it is a local health risk guidance for COVID-19, Flu, RSV and more.

14. LawyerPR

LawyerPR is a chatgpt plugin that assists you in locating an appropriate lawyer in Japan. It is used to obtain a preliminary review of your legal issue, browse a list of lawyers who meet your criteria, and contact them immediately within chatgpt.

LawyerPR is a valuable plugin for anyone in Japan who requires legal aid. It might save you time and money when looking for a lawyer and getting competent guidance on your legal issues. Here are a few of the most commonly utilized expressions.

  • Find an attorney
  • Ask a legal question concerning
  • Speak with a lawyer
  • Please look into my legal problem

15. Questmate Forms

Questionnaire Forms is a chatgpt plugin that allows you to use natural language to construct and fill out online forms and surveys. You can use Questionnaire Forms to produce questions and answers for your forms or to respond to questions from existing forms.

It is a useful plugin for anyone who wants to develop or complete online forms and surveys. It can help you save time and effort when creating and completing forms, as well as obtain more accurate and dependable data.

16. Meme Creator

Meme Creator is a chatgpt plugin that lets you make and exchange funny memes with natural language. Meme Creator allows you to create memes on any topic, theme, or trend you choose.

Meme Creator is an entertaining, humorous, and creative plugin. It assists you in expressing yourself through memes and sharing them with your friends and followers. Try the following phrases:

  • Make a meme about
  • Please show me a meme
  • Create a meme using

17. JiggyBase

JiggyBase is a chatgpt plugin that uses natural language questions to enable you find answers from your personal or organisational documents. Jiggybase allows you to search and get information from a variety of data sources, including PDF files, web pages, photos, and more.

This plugin is for anyone who needs to access and analyze their documents in a fast and easy way. It can help you save time and effort on document search and retrieval, and get more accurate and reliable data.

18. Paxi AI

Paxi AI is a chatgpt plugin that lets you improve task productivity using AI tools and streamline the process of determining the best tool for each activity. Paxi AI gives you access to a variety of AI-powered tools, including a text-to-app generator, image editor, video maker.

The Paxi AI plugin will be used by chatgpt to give you with relevant and valuable information, suggestions, and comments. It may assist you in creating and editing many forms of content, such as apps, photos, movies, and others.

You can use the following phrases:

  • Use Paxi AI for
  • Show me Paxi AI tools for
  • Create an app with Paxi AI
  • Edit an image with Paxi AI

19. SubStack IQ

Substack IQ is a chatgpt plugin for searching, analysing, and summarising Substack newsletters, retrieving articles, and discovering new Substacks. You may acquire insights and information from multiple Substack publications on any topic or niche you desire by using Substack IQ.

It can assist you in finding and accessing quality content, learning new things, and staying current on your interests. You can try these phrases while using this plugin:

  • Search for Substack newsletters
  • Analyse Substack newsletters
  • Summarise Substack newsletters
  • Discover new Substack newsletters
  • Retrieve articles from Substack newsletters

20. Access Links

Access Links is a chatgpt plugin that allows you to use natural language queries to browse web pages and obtain information from them. Access Links can be used to summarise material, extract data, compare sources, and more.Anyone who wishes to quickly and easily access and analyse web pages can use the Access links plugin. Some of the phrases you can use are:

  • Access this link
  • Summarize this link
  • Extract data from this link
  • Compare this link with…

21. Credit Yelp

CreditYelp could be a chatgpt plugin that helps you get to different essential money related calculators for a nitty gritty reimbursement plan and payoff term. To get accurate figures for personal loans and credit card payoff plans, you can use CreditYelp.It will reduce your time and effort on financial calculations and get more accurate and reliable data.

Some of the prompts you can use are:

  • Calculate loan payment for …
  • Calculate credit card payoff for …
  • Calculate interest rate for …

22. SceneXplain

SceneXplain is a chatgpt plugin that lets you connect images to your prompts and go beyond pixels to explore image storytelling. With this chatgpt plugin, you may create more comprehensive textual descriptions that highlight the rich storylines concealed inside your photographs.

SceneXplain is an entertaining, creative, and educational plugin. It can assist you in discovering and enjoying the stories behind your photographs, as well as learning new things from them and expressing yourself via them.

23. GoFynd

GoFynd is a chatgpt plugin that helps you enhance your online shopping journey. You can use GoFynd to search for products, manage your shopping cart, and even display a QR code for easy cart sharing. It elevates the shopping experience of the users who want to to shop online in a fast and easy way.

Use this prompts while using this plugin:

  • Search for products on GoFynd
  • Add this product to my cart on GoFynd
  • Show me my cart on GoFynd
  • Generate a QR code for my cart on GoFynd

24. There’s an AI for that

There’s an AI for that plugin is a handy guide that helps you discover and learn about various AI tools that can help you with different tasks, such as writing, editing, designing, researching, and more.

To utilize this plugin, you essentially got to describe what you need to do with AI, and the plugin will give you with a list of important AI tools that can do it.

For example, if you type “I want to create a banner with AI”, the plugin will suggest tools like Canva, GIMP, Cymera and desygner. The plugin keeps you updated with the most recent AI news and patterns, so you'll stay informed around the improvements within the field.

You can ask questions like

  • What are some new AI tools that came out recently?
  • What are some popular AI applications in education?

25. Image editor

Image editor plugin for chatgpt is a powerful tool that lets you edit your photos with simple commands and AI magic.

To use this plugin, you would like to transfer your photo to a hosting service like Imgur or Dropbox and copy the URL. At that point, you'll be able paste the URL within the chat box and include a command for what you need to do with the photo.

For example, if you type “crop the photo to a square”, the plugin will crop your photo and show you the result. You can also ask for more complex edits, such as “remove the background”, “enhance the colors”, or “add a filter”.

The plugin uses various AI models to perform different tasks, such as DALL-E for generating images, StyleGAN for applying filters, and U-2-Net for removing backgrounds. The plugin also supports multiple languages, so you can edit your photos in your preferred language.

26. Wiseone

If you are an avid reader and browser of online content, you might want to try the Wiseone plugin for chatgpt. This plugin is a smart tool that helps you enrich your online reading experience and explore information with AI.

To utilise this plugin, you must first install it as a Chrome or Edge browser extension. Now, you'll be able to access any sites which have news stories, blogs, or a Wikipedia site.

  • Discoverability helps you understand complex concepts and words in an article
  • Cross-checking helps you verify facts with different sources talking about the same subject.
  • Ask anything simplifies the foremost complex data into reasonable answers, fueled by OpenAI’s chatgpt.
  • Suggestions provide a list of articles from diverse sources to deepen your understanding of a subject.

27. Fiscal Note

This plugin is involved in policy and regulation to keep track of multiple sources of information, analyze the impact of policy changes, and manage your relationships with stakeholders. It is a comprehensive tool that helps you access and understand legal, political, and regulatory data and information with AI.

Using Fiscal Note, you can access it on any website that contains policy-related content, such as government websites, news outlets, or think tanks. The plugin offers five main features:

  • Policy tracking ****
  • Risk analysis
  • Stakeholder management ****
  • Government relations ****
  • Policy advocacy

28. Cloudflare Radar2

By analyzing the security and attacks, you can identify the types of attacks that target your network and application layers, as well as the methods used to prevent or stop them.

This chatgpt plugin is a fascinating tool that helps you access and understand real-time Internet patterns powered by Cloudflare Radar. Access Cloudflare Radar on any website that contains Internet-related content, such as news websites, tech blogs, or social media platforms. It provides multiple features such as:

  • Internet traffic trends that help you see the traffic volume and distribution over the selected time period.
  • Using security and attacks you can see the network and application layer attack traffic and mitigation techniques.
  • Adoption and usage will assist you in identifying major protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3.
  • Last observed outage helps you see the internet disruptions observed in analysis of Cloudflare traffic.


In this article, we have covered some of the best chatgpt plugins that you need at work. These plugins can help you enhance your productivity, creativity, and communication skills by leveraging the power of AI.

If you are a fan of chatgpt prompts use can use different prompts for free and make your day to day job so much esier. Try  chatgpt prompts for marketing, to generate catchy headlines, slogans, and copy for your campaigns in minutes. Just enter your keywords, target audience, and tone of voice, and chatgpt will do the rest. There are also chatgpt prompts for product manager designed to help you plan, execute, and deliver successful products.

So go ahead and try these plugins and prompts to see what amazing things you can do with chatgpt.

Happy Chatting!

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