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Understanding user problems and product gaps using Zipy

Bharath Kumar
~ 4 min read | Published on Mar 06, 2024


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  • Session replay
  • Network calls
  • Console Logs
  • Stack traces
  • User identification
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Understanding the users

Best-selling products are often the result of a comprehensive understanding of users. Resolving pain points and offering utmost value have often been found to keep the users smiling.

In today’s complex digital world, it is imperative to have the ‘ears to the ground’ as users are constantly evolving and their needs, wants and desires are constantly changing. Having a penchant for data driven user insights will help us in targeting the right users and also sharpening our positioning. These actionable insights help companies across the board in making rapid strides of progress.

Why Zipy?

The word ‘Zipy’ means being swift/quick. One of the primary objectives of our team at Zipy, is to stay true to the name of our company. We strongly feel that our quick, relevant and actionable insights will help our partners in ‘reaching the unreachable star’.

The word ‘Zipy’ means being swift/quick. One of the primary objectives of our team at Zipy, is to stay true to the name of our company. We strongly feel that our quick, relevant and actionable insights will help our partners in ‘reaching the unreachable star’.

Zipy as a product broadly covers the below three areas:

  • Proactive Error Monitoring
  • User Behavior
  • Understanding the pleasure and pain points.

How Zipy helped Zipy in proactively solving customer issues?

As a business intelligence guy at Zipy, I am entrusted to proactively identify customer issues and help resolve them even before it is reported to us.

How do I achieve this?


By using Zipy on Zipy.

The following are the use cases which will help you understand how Zipy can help you in solving customer issues:

Scenario 1: Solving issues faced by users while OTP login

I regularly monitor the functioning of the product to understand issues from the perspective of users. In one such routine exercise, I came across a Network Error (XHR 500). This error was hampering the smooth login of one of our customers. I quickly monitored the user session of the customer using Zipy and used the playback feature which helped me in zeroing down where the customer actually faced the issue. The visual representations of the user session gave me a structured understanding of what needs to be done next.

I quickly escalated the issue to my team using the Zipy’s Share URL feature. This feature helped the team in quickly getting to the issue and not run through the complete session. This quick resolution helped in ‘saving the dev time’ of our team at Zipy.

If Zipy can save precious time using Zipy, so can you!

Scenario 2: Facilitating a smooth user experience for the customers

A good user experience helps in generating user satisfaction, which will in turn help in generating higher levels of loyalty. In one of my monitoring sessions using Zipy, I also found that a feature of our product was not being highlighted to the user. This issue became a barrier to providing a seamless experience for the user. I quickly raised this issue with the development team to fix this issue and enhance the experience of the user. The issue was quickly resolved with the user-friendly features of Zipy and within no time we were able to deliver the best experience to the user in the very next session.

Scenario 3: Bettering the Advanced Filters Usability Issue

Zipy also helped me effectively handle another usability issue in the product. In one of my routine exercises, I found that adding filters to the drop-down option was taking a longer time than expected, due to some data-fetch issue. This was dissuading the customers from moving forward as they felt that there was no data. I could understand this by observing this behavioral pattern in the Zipy sessions.

I quickly started testing the product with various permutations and combinations, to understand if there were any more such pain points for the users. This helped me in giving a cogent picture to the Dev team, who could resolve these issues within no time.

If Zipy can provide a seamless experience, so can you!

The point that I am trying to drive is, Zipy is a comprehensive tool for any digital enterprise. It helps in facilitating a seamless customer experience to the customers and also in delivering a holistic value to the customers at all times. This will help companies in staying focused and also by providing a clear blueprint of steps to be taken to make the user’s life easier. If you have some doubt regarding debugging network layer then read our blog on How Zipy debugs issues in the network layer effectively.

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