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Boost software performance with Zipy's Performance Monitoring tool

Optimize your code with Zipy AI's Performance Monitoring tool. Track API latencies and page speeds to enhance software performance and user experiences.

Zipy - Performance Monitoring Tool


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Take a look at what Zipy is offering!

Zipy API Failure -performance monitoring tool

API Failure

Get your API error rate and deep dive into all API's returning 4xx or 5xx errors in your application or webpages with performance monitoring tools in Zipy.

Zipy API latency - performance monitoring tool

API latency

Get your API latency score and deep dive into all API's causing slowness in your application or webpages.

Zipy Web Vitals - performance monitoring tool

Web Vitals

Measure the core web vitals like LCP, FCP, FID etc. with Zipy's performance monitoring tool. Guage and fix the page speed with inbuilt web vital data.

Zipy Page Analytics - performance monitoring tool

Page Analytics

Get cumulative page analytics across users to understand which pages are slowest across all your users.

Zipy Low code SDK - performance monitoring tool

Low code SDK

Easy 2 line code integration with the performance monitoring tool.

Zipy Actionable Diagnostics - performance monitoring tool

Actionable Diagnostics

Get the exact root cause and proposed fix for the API problems within Zipy. Understand the exact reason behind a slow API or error.

Zipy API latency - Performance Monitoring Tool

API latency

Fix Slow APIs

Find and fix APIs which are slowing down the application or website pages. Zipy measures the latency of each and every API to help you get a cumulative view and a detailed view at the same time.

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API errors

Fix HTTP status errors

Identify and address both client-side and server-side HTTP status code errors within Zipy. Access a comprehensive overview of sessions with these errors and easily navigate to affected users. Get a reference of the health of APIs in the performance monitoring tool.

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Zipy API errors - Performance Monitoring Tool
Zipy Page speed - Performance Monitoring Tool

Page speed

Fix slow page speed

Find and fix all slow pages in your app. With web vitals metrics, drill down to exact root cause of page slowness in Zipy's performance montitoring tool. Check FCP, LCP, FID, Cumulative Layout Shift, memory and CPU detail to find if it is the user side browser issue or page slowness.

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“As a unified platform for user session replay, frontend & network monitoring, Zipy offers an efficient solution for all my debugging needs. It is an indispensable tool for any developer.

Patryk Pijanowski, Co-Founder

Codejet  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Patryk Pijanowski - Zipy's Happy Customer

"Also, we had a call with a customer yesterday end user's message was "it's broken". In Zipy, found the session, found the error, fixed the error. Five minutes total time from reporting to resolution. Zipy is amazing."

Eddy Martinez, CEO

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Zipy has changed my life in ways I can’t tell you! Between 2 projects, I have found bugs that would have taken developers years of debugging.

Timothy Connolly, Co-founder & CTO

Directnorth  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Timothy Connolly  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We look at user sessions on Zipy on a daily basis. We understand what's going wrong in terms of technical issues and you fix those practically before the customer even reports it to you.”

Anjali Arya, Product & Analytics

SuprSend  - Zipy's Happy Customer
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“You realize how good a product is when you have been using it for a while and then discover that this use case is not even what the creators had in mind, but your tool has much more.”

Tomás Charles, Co-founder & CEO

Tomás Charles  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We integrated Zipy early on and it's now part of our daily scrums - my team has a constant eye on Production bugs. Zipy improves our Productivity significantly.”

Manish Mishra, Co-founder & CTO

Pazcare  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Manish Mishra  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy is clearly providing a very differentiated solution. Observability is going to be the key to understanding customer issues proactively and it impacts business outcomes directly.”

Jyoti Bansal, Co-founder

Appdynamics  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Jyoti Bansal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“I believe that you have a unicorn, and I don’t say it lightly. I can see how my team lights up with confidence having Zipy help them. Please count on my support in any way.”

Laz Fuentes, Founder & CEO

SQOR  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Laz Fuentes  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“5 Stars. In no time, Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user journeys, and fix the most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.”

Sandeep Rangdal, Senior Staff Engineer

mindtickle  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Sandeep Rangdal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy has been a 2-in-1 solution for us. Signed up solely for error debugging, but the session playback was so smooth that we also ended up ditching a well-known session recording tool.”

Vahe Hovhannisyan, Founder

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We use Zipy as a UX Performance & Debugging Tool. Every time there is a feature release, the testers use it to find issues. We really enjoy working with Zipy, they're very responsive & proactive.

Vineet Jawa, Founder  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vineet Jawa  - Zipy's Happy Customer

User performance

Drill down to exact user's performance

Deep dive into the exact user performance issues easily with session replay for a given user. From the performance monitoring tool dashboard click to the details of each user's data to analyze individual's page and API performance.

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Zipy User performance - Performance Monitoring Tool
Zipy Stack details - Performance Monitoring Tool

Stack details

Full stack details to get to the root cause

Get the exact details of page and APi parameters in the Dev Tools section to analyze the performance glitch. Detailed waterfall model for network timings and FCP,LCP etc on user's timeline in DevTools will show exact root cause of the performance issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are used for performance monitoring?

In the realm of performance monitoring, various tools are employed to ensure optimal application functionality. Among the top-rated Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools are IBM Instana, New Relic, Datadog, LogRocket, Dynatrace, Site24x7, Google Cloud Console, and LogicMonitor. In addition to these, emerges as a proficient performance monitoring tool offering a myriad of features such as Real User Monitoring and API Performance which are critical in observing and enhancing application performance. Zipy's comprehensive monitoring capabilities underscore its standing as a reliable choice for those seeking to maintain and elevate the performance standards of their digital assets.

What do performance monitoring tools do?

Performance monitoring tools, like, are instrumental in overseeing and analyzing the operational efficacy of digital platforms. They scrutinize various aspects to ensure optimal functionality, providing insights into areas such as error debugging and real user monitoring. Zipy, as a performance monitoring tool, excels in offering a suite of features including session replay and API performance analysis, enabling businesses to maintain a seamless digital experience. By utilizing, companies can promptly identify and rectify performance bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth user interface, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

What is the performance monitoring?

Performance monitoring involves tracking performance metrics against KPIs over time. For a comprehensive solution, consider Zipy, a digital experience tool that records user sessions, monitors website errors, and provides debugging solutions. Zipy enhances the user experience, leading to better conversion rates and increased retention. It empowers teams to collaborate efficiently with real-time monitoring, session-linked insights, error tracking, and event analysis. Advanced debugging tools and AI assistance expedite issue resolution, while customizable alerts, user segmentation, and comprehensive dashboards streamline the process. In short, Zipy is an all-in-one solution for enhancing the digital experience effectively.

What is APM monitoring tool?

APM monitoring, or Application Performance Monitoring, is the practice of using software tools and telemetry data to oversee the performance of critical business applications. The goal is to maintain expected service levels and provide a positive application experience for customers. For a comprehensive approach to APM, consider Zipy. Zipy simplifies the assessment of application performance, offering latency score evaluations and in-depth API analysis to identify and resolve slowdowns. It also tracks API error rates, streamlines data for user impact, and provides API diagnostics to pinpoint the root causes of issues and propose solutions. This ensures a smoother experience for both users and businesses.

What is an example of performance monitoring?

Performance monitoring systems are crucial for cloud application observation, issue tracking, and DevSecOps team alerts. They encompass components like observability tools, APM, tracing systems, alerts, and dashboards. Zipy offers an efficient solution, simplifying API-related slowdown identification in applications and web pages. It provides comprehensive insights into API latency and errors, offering actionable solutions and diagnostics. With accessible documentation, Zipy empowers users to address both client-side and server-side API errors, providing insights into affected sessions and network logs for streamlined debugging. Visual representations illustrate how API issues impact users, while user session replays offer profound insights. Robust filtering enables targeted analysis of specific API performance scenarios, and detailed session data allows for swift issue identification, whether related to DNS or backend response times.

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Zipy provides you with full customer visibility without multiple back and forths between Customers, Customer Support and your Engineering teams.

The unified digital experience platform to drive growth with Product Analytics, Error Tracking, and Session Replay in one.

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