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Zipy React Dev Tools to elevate your React frontend debugging

Unleash the power of our React Dev Tools and amp up your frontend debugging game.

Zipy - React devtools extension


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Take a look at what Zipy is offering!

Zipy Console Logs - React devtools extension

Console Logs

All console logs are captured within Zipy. Starting from info, debug, warning, error, find every console log with React Dev Tools in Zipy.

Zipy Network Logs - React devtools extension

Network Logs

Find details of every network log with detailed request response headers, payload details for the react pages. Each API and socket request will be shown within Zipy React Dev Tools.

Zipy Performance - React devtools extension


See detailed page performance in you react pages in Performance tab of Zipy's React Dev Tools. Measure page slowness, load time with this feature.

Zipy StackTrace - React devtools extension


Find and fix all javascript errors with detailed stacktrace and AI Resolve in Zipy React Dev Tools. All javascript frameworks are supported by Zipy.

Zipy Custom Logs - React devtools extension

Custom Logs

To add custom text or log handled exceptions in Zipy use Zipy's custom log feature to see them in Dev Tools. Add exception and info logs as per your requirement.

Zipy Websockets and WebRTC support - React devtools extension

Websockets and WebRTC support

Dev Tools also provides websockets and webRTC support for detailed debugging of problems related to the specific use cases.

Zipy API errors - React Devtools Extension

API errors

Debug HTTP status code errors

Identify and address both client-side and server-side HTTP status code errors within Zipy. Access a comprehensive overview of sessions with these errors and easily navigate to affected users. Get a reference of the health of APIs in the React Dev Tools in every session.

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Search within Dev Tools

Use the power of search to find any data within console logs, stacktrace, network logs and custom logs. No need to look for the needle in a haystack when you can very quickly search within so many logs in a simple way.

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Zipy DevTools - React Devtools Extension
Zipy Sourcemap - React Devtools Extension


Debug minified stacktrace

Using minified files does not pose a challenge to debug react errors. Seamless sourcemap upload via CLI enables complete stacktrace visibility with exact line numbers even for minified files within Zipy.

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“As a unified platform for user session replay, frontend & network monitoring, Zipy offers an efficient solution for all my debugging needs. It is an indispensable tool for any developer.

Patryk Pijanowski, Co-Founder

Codejet  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Patryk Pijanowski - Zipy's Happy Customer

"Also, we had a call with a customer yesterday end user's message was "it's broken". In Zipy, found the session, found the error, fixed the error. Five minutes total time from reporting to resolution. Zipy is amazing."

Eddy Martinez, CEO

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Zipy has changed my life in ways I can’t tell you! Between 2 projects, I have found bugs that would have taken developers years of debugging.

Timothy Connolly, Co-founder & CTO

Directnorth  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Timothy Connolly  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We look at user sessions on Zipy on a daily basis. We understand what's going wrong in terms of technical issues and you fix those practically before the customer even reports it to you.”

Anjali Arya, Product & Analytics

SuprSend  - Zipy's Happy Customer
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“You realize how good a product is when you have been using it for a while and then discover that this use case is not even what the creators had in mind, but your tool has much more.”

Tomás Charles, Co-founder & CEO

Tomás Charles  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We integrated Zipy early on and it's now part of our daily scrums - my team has a constant eye on Production bugs. Zipy improves our Productivity significantly.”

Manish Mishra, Co-founder & CTO

Pazcare  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Manish Mishra  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy is clearly providing a very differentiated solution. Observability is going to be the key to understanding customer issues proactively and it impacts business outcomes directly.”

Jyoti Bansal, Co-founder

Appdynamics  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Jyoti Bansal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“5 Stars. In no time, Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user journeys, and fix the most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.”

Sandeep Rangdal, Senior Staff Engineer

mindtickle  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Sandeep Rangdal  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“Zipy has been a 2-in-1 solution for us. Signed up solely for error debugging, but the session playback was so smooth that we also ended up ditching a well-known session recording tool.”

Vahe Hovhannisyan, Founder

Read this twice  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vahe Hovhannisyan  - Zipy's Happy Customer

“We use Zipy as a UX Performance & Debugging Tool. Every time there is a feature release, the testers use it to find issues. We really enjoy working with Zipy, they're very responsive & proactive.

Vineet Jawa, Founder  - Zipy's Happy Customer
Vineet Jawa  - Zipy's Happy Customer

Network Payload

Identify payload issues

Debug 4xx or 5xx issues in detail with the detailed request response header details and payload data in Zipy React Dev Tools. Payload data can often help understand what the backend services are returning and why that could be causing problems for users.

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Zipy Network Payload - React Devtools Extension
Zipy Page speed - React Devtools Extension

Page speed

Fix slow API and pages

To add custom text or log handled exceptions in Zipy use Zipy's custom log feature to see them in DevTools. Add exception and info logs as per your requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the React Developer Tools?

React Dev Tools stands as a robust Chrome extension, specifically designed to streamline the debugging of your React application. It dissects your app's component tree structure, scrutinizing the state and props of your components, while delivering comprehensive insights into each component's performance and rendering times. For those seeking an immaculate alternative to React Dev Tools, consider Zipy. Much like React Dev Tools, Zipy offers efficient debugging capabilities. It encompasses an array of indispensable features, including browser session stack traces, console logs, network logs, and custom logs, all accessible within a single, user-friendly interface. Additionally, Zipy seamlessly integrates error breadcrumbs and DevTools details, enhancing the debugging process by consolidating breadcrumb details, timeline errors, and DevTools in a unified screen. This synchronization optimizes efficiency and ensures a smoother debugging experience. With Zipy, users can fully leverage the multifaceted functionality of console logs, stack traces, network logs, and custom logs, further enhancing the debugging process.

How do I use React Dev Tools?

To employ the React DevTools extension, initiate Chrome DevTools by heading to View > Developer > Developer Tools. Within the same banner housing Elements, Sources, Console, etc., you'll spot two fresh React tabs, namely Components and Profiler. It's important to note that these tabs will solely manifest on websites utilizing React. While debugging browser errors necessitates the installation of an additional React Dev Tools plugin, Zipy offers an unparalleled DevTools solution. Zipy furnishes a comprehensive array of tools, encompassing console logs, network logs, stack traces, and performance profiling for React applications. These tools not only operate within your browser context but also empower you to troubleshoot customer issues within a live production environment. So, in summary, for those seeking React DevTools extension, Zipy delivers an all-encompassing solution to enhance your debugging capabilities.

How to install React Dev Tools in React?

To install React Dev Tools in your project, add the react-devtools package using the command: npm install --save-dev react-devtools. Then, include "react-devtools": "react-devtools" in your package.json's scripts section. Finally, open the DevTools by running npm run react-devtools from your project folder. However, for addressing customer grievances, you may need a tool like Zipy. Zipy offers a comprehensive solution that includes browser session stack traces, console logs, network logs, custom logs, error breadcrumbs, and DevTools details, all in one place. This simplifies the debugging process and enhances efficiency, ensuring you can address both customer and system issues effectively. With the platform and its react dev tools, you are well-equipped to ensure a smooth digital experience.

What is React extension?

The React extension, also known as React Dev Tools, is a crucial addition to any developer working with the ReactJS framework, especially within the domain of Zipy's offerings. It's a Chrome DevTools extension designated for the open-source React JavaScript library, facilitating the inspection of React component hierarchies in the Chrome Developer Tools. Upon installation, you'll notice two new tabs in your Chrome DevTools: "Components" and "Profiler". Within the ecosystem, utilizing the React Developer Tools alongside the react devtools extension can significantly smoothen the debugging process, enhance user identification, and optimize the overall digital experience.

How does React Dev Tools work?

React Dev Tools is potent for debugging your React app, a feature aligning well with's Error Debugging and Advanced Dev Tools capabilities. It scrutinizes your app's component tree structure alongside the state and props of your components, offering an in-depth analysis of each component's performance and rendering times. By integrating with Zipy's robust framework support, especially ReactJS, and utilizing the React DevTools extension, developers can significantly enhance their debugging process, ensuring seamless and efficient error tracking and resolution, which are crucial for delivering an optimal digital experience through Zipy.

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