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ChatGPT prompts for customer service and support

Anom Warbhuvan
~ 12 min read | Published on Dec 14, 2023


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One of the main aspects of business is customer service. It can make or break your reputation, retention, and revenue. However, customer service can be frustrating and consume a lot of time. Customer support and service is a highly demanding role, where these teams have to promptly reply the customer, that too with the right assistance.

So how to make customer service easier, faster, and better? The answer is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT helps to automate customer service by providing automated responses to common custom inquiries, such as product information, order status, troubleshooting, feedback, etc. It turns to be useful for enhancing your skills, getting the right phrases, and figuring out how things are done.

In this blog, we'll show you how ChatGPT prompts can help you improve the quality of customer conversations and your teams overall performance. We will also cover how to create ChatGPT customer service bot and will ChatGPT replace customer service.

Are you ready to learn how to use ChatGPT for customer service?

Let’s get started!

Best ChatGPT prompts for customer service and support

ChatGPT prompts for customer support conversations

  1. Suggest 4 opening for starting a customer support call. This customer is from US and is not able to complete a important action on your product. Use a understanding, helpful, and friendly style.
ChatGPT prompts for customer support conversations
  1. I need you to act as customer support representative in [Your Company Name]. Share some tips on how to open a call to address an angry customer.
  2. Create a call script to establish rapport with a potential customer who is interested in our products/services. Be kind and persuasive, but avoid being a sales guy. Just don’t pitch to buy the product.
  3. Let’s take an example of [enter what does your company do]. Now, you are leading the customer support team there. Your task is to gather all the information about customer feedback and new feature requests. How will you accomplish this?
  4. Assume you are a customer support representative at [your company name], and a customer has called you about a problem with the software subscription they purchased. How to build a rapport with the customer while you troubleshoot their problem.
  5. If there comes a case in which the customer doesn’t like your solution then how will you react to it. The situation should be approached in a friendly and helpful manner only.

Up until now, you must have been thinking that do we need to provide ChatGPT enough data again and again. The answer is “NO”. It remembers and builds on past conversations with users. If the suggestion provided by ChatGPT is not well enough then you can even ask it to propose a better solution taking a summary of above responses.

Prompts to show empathy to customers

ChatGPT helps in providing prompts that customer support teams can use to provide more personalized and an efficient service.

  1. Suggest 5 example phrase that customer support agents use to display empathy to a customer who had a negative experience.
Prompts to show empathy to customers

For responding to questions about products or services

  1. An interested user has called to inquire about [Your product's] capabilities. [Explain your product in greater detail]. As a trained and persuasive customer support representative, how would you handle the call? You must attempt to try and convert the user into a customer.
For responding to questions about products or services
  1. You need to act as technical support engineer for [your company]. An existing customer contacted you about [your company's product/service] and suggested additional features/ideas for the product. You can't promise to honour the request or make a decision right away, but you must respect the customer. Create a sample dialog.
  2. Act as customer support representative for [Company Name]. [Your software product] currently has a bug that causes it to crash when opened. Many people who previously purchased the product no longer have access to it. But, there are people who want to cancel the subscription, but you want persuade these customers to wait. How to go about it. The tone of the response should be logical and helpful.
  3. A customer reaches out to inquire about your product pricing plans. Being in the customer service team, offer the customer the best plan based on their requirement. Try to convert the customer to buy the product.

Provide technical support

There might be many scenarios in which your customer must be facing technical bugs/ issues while operating the product. You need to be specific in addressing the technical terms to the customer. Here are some prompts:

  1. One of your paid customer is unable to login to their account because of some errors. As a support agent, you need to assist the customer and troubleshoot the issue with them.
Provide technical support
  1. Create a document that simply and clearly explains how the software works, dividing the process into steps that the customer can follow.
  2. Let's assume you are the support manager at [company name]. A customer called to complain that one of their most important software/feature is not working. You checked and found it was a customer problem. Establish conversational pattern that help and teach them to solve problems while remaining understanding and patient.
  3. Generate a response to assist the customer to check our knowledge base docs for any issues faced while operating the product.
  4. You sell [products] through our app and website. A customer contacted you to complain about some business issues with [product], such as quality, delivery, payment, or warranty. How will you handle this situation as a customer support agent.
  5. Your app has some bugs that prevent customers from solving the problem, accessing the troubleshooting logs, or seeing the log files. Write a persuasive letter to your customers to apologize for the inconvenience, explain the cause of the issue, and ask them some questions to understand the situation better.

Resolve customer complaints and issues

Here is a common issues faced by a customer and see how ChatGPT resolves it.

  1. You are a client representative of [e-commerce brand]. After customer placed an order, the app shows that the product has been delivered. But customers say they don't have not received it. Share how to help the customer, while maintaining a good relationship at the end.
Resolve customer complaints and issues
  1. Act as a customer support leader for your company. A customer calls you to say they ordered and paid online, but still hasn't received their order ID. How to investigate the problem.
  2. Share some statements to pacify angry customers
  3. Your company’s policy to accept exchanges or returns of items only if damaged during delivery and reported within 7 days. A customer, reports a damaged product after 10 days. What are the ways to handle this. Be mindful and patient and offer solutions.
  4. Customer want to speak to senior management because they have complained about [state the problem]. Customer is not happy. Try to resolve the issue as a customer service representative, assure the customer that you will resolve go deeper in the issue and call back. Create speech patterns.
  5. As a customer service representative, can you provide sample answers in French to customers asking about the benefits of [your products]? [Describe your product and its main features].

For processing cancellations and refunds

  1. Your SaaS company with a monthly fee, customers have monthly auto-renewal activated. However they now want to deactivate it. Being a customer service representative you have to share the benefits of auto renewal.
For processing cancellations and refunds
  1. Act as a customer support agent, you need to help the customer in cancelling the [purchase/subscription] transaction before the [order delivery/renewal] date.
  2. A customer calls you to ask for a refund because the product they received is damaged. As a customer support manager, how would you talk to them and approach this situation? Be polite and empathetic.
  3. How do you deal with an adamant customer who is continuously asking for refund?

Write a knowledge base article

ChatGPT is a great way to build a topic-specific content, like knowledge base. If you provide feature details and step-by-step instructions ChatGPT can create a neat document for you. However, it is important to validate the content in these pages.

  1. Generate some steps on how to use Zipy Chrome plugin and identify bug fixes in your app. Please write an informative article about it and share some specific step.
Write a knowledge base article
Write a knowledge base article
Write a knowledge base article

Address shipping and delivery queries

  1. Our company has had a promotion recently and the order volume is huge. Many orders cannot be delivered on time due to the time required for processing. Create scripts to deal with frustrated and confused customers to help them understand the reasons behind delays and ensure delivery.
Address shipping and delivery queries
  1. The customer's order has been delivered, but an item is missing from the package. Customers call and ask the same thing. As a customer support representative, you assist consumers in resolving their issues. [If the product is shipping separately, please include information in the instructions].
  2. A customer contacted us to request a shipping discount. We are unable to deduct the shipping cost as it is international shipping and the price is not negotiable. Be a friendly and patient customer service representative and let customers know that prices are reasonable.
  3. A customer placed an order from us [e-commerce site/online store] but did not receive tracking information. It's been over 24 hours. A customer contacts you (our customer service representative) with a question such as status or location of their order. Please help the customer.
  4. A customer wants to send back a product. You work in customer service. Ask them why and suggest another product. If they say no, help them return it.

Help with billing and payment issues

Whenever you create a prompt for billing and payment issues, you need to provide ChatGPT enough information about your company’s billing or payment policy. This should be the first step before generating a response form ChatGPT.

  1. Imagine a user contacted your support team to understand what pricing plan would be good for them. What questions should you ask them.
Help with billing and payment issues
  1. A customer confirmed that their previous invoice is still unpaid. But they paid last week. As a customer support representative, your job is to assist customers with billing history and troubleshoot the issue.
  2. You work in customer service. A customer needs to change their payment details. Send them a secure text to enter their new details. The text goes straight to our system. No one else can see it.

Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) outline for customer support teams

ChatGPT is a good beginning point for a SOP outline. But since, ChatGPT may not be aware of all the intricacies and context of a particular organization's processes, human intervention would still be needed.

  1. Help me create an SOP outline on how to escalate jira ticket.
Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) outline for customer support teams
Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) outline for customer support teams
Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) outline for customer support teams

Customer issue recording and resolution

Customer issues are inevitable in any digital product, but they can be resolved easily by extending ChatGPT’s capabilities to the right tools. One such tool is Zipy, that helps resolve customer issues faster and provides seamless digital experience.

When your customer is facing an issue on your product, you can share Zipy’s Plug & Play plugin with them and:

  1. Ask the user to record their session and share recording link with you.
  2. These recordings come contain capture the user's actions like their journey,, clicks, scrolls, etc. along with users environment details and code level events.
  3. You can share this recording with your engineering team.
  4. Your dev team can use the session replay data to find out what exactly is happening at the customer level and debug the issue.

This plugin helps you resolve customer issues in record time. Your customer’s session recordings not just come with a video of how they used your product, in fact it includes technical details your development team needs. By using it you as customer success manager can:

  • Reduce churn
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Make customer issue resolution process super simple
  • Understand user behaviour and conversion issues
  • Easily collaborate with engineering team for customer issues and bug fixes.

Get a glimpse of the plugin in this video.

Create ChatGPT customer service bot

ChatGPT can be used to create customer service bots that can assist customers with their inquiries, provide information, and offer solutions. Here, are some steps you can follow to create ChatGPT customer service bot.

How to create a ChatGPT customer service bot

To create a ChatGPT customer service bot, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an OpenAI account and get access to the OpenAI API. Your engineering team can use ChatGPT to build the bot.
  • Choose the ChatGPT model that suits your needs. There are different versions of ChatGPT available, such as chatgpt-3.5-turbo, chatgpt-3.5-medium, chatgpt-3.5-small, etc.
  • Tell ChatGPT what your chatbot is about and what it does. The context is in the details that ChatGPT needs to know, like the topic, the job, the dos and don’ts, and the mood of your chatbot. The goal is what you want your chatbot to do, like help, inform, or fix.
  • Create a prompt for your chatbot. Prompt is the input that you give to the ChatGPT model to generate a response. A prompt can be a question, a statement, or a command. You can use variables, parameters, or placeholders in your prompt to customize it for different scenarios or users.
  • Send the prompt to the OpenAI API and receive a response from the ChatGPT model. You can use any programming language or tool that supports HTTP requests to communicate with the OpenAI API.
  • Check and make your chatbot better. You can use different ways to see how well your chatbot works, like how correct, relevant, clear, and smooth it is.

Will ChatGPT replace customer service

This has been a question from the time ChatGPT was released in November 2022. We understand that ChatGPT is a powerful and versatile tool, but it is not a human. It cannot replace the emotional intelligence, the creativity, and the judgement that human customer service agents have. ChatGPT can help customer service agents with some tasks, but it cannot handle all situations or scenarios.

ChatGPT can also make mistakes or cause problems that can damage the customer experience or the brand reputation. Therefore, ChatGPT will not replace customer service, but it will transform it.


Gartner in one of its 2022 survey shows, for 64% of customer service and support leaders a priority is to  “grow the business”. They also predicted 82% of organizations either have or plan to implement a value enhancement strategy using conversational AI tools such as GPT.

As now we are heading towards a future in which ChatGPT is playing a prominent role in customer service, you too can use this generative AI tool to improve better and faster support, be it via prompts, bots, or ChatGPT powered tools.

However, ChatGPT is not limited to customer support. There are ways in which ChatGPT helps marketing teams, has prompts for product managers, and even plugins for developers. Not just this, there are ChatGPT powered plugins that can add value to your every day work.

We hope this blog was insightful for you. Thank you for reading and Happy Chatting! 😊

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