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ChatGPT for marketing - prompts and plugins you must try

Anom Warbhuvan
~ 10 min read | Published on Dec 14, 2023


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You all must have come across AI models but the one which is taking the world by storm is ChatGPT. Many people have started using chatgpt plugins at work to improve their productivity.

Product managers are using ChatGPT across all stages of product life cycle from ideation to launch. Customer support teams with ChatGPT are revolutionizing customer services, with human like AI assistance. And how can the developer community be left behind. Market is flooding with ChatGPT plugins for developers, that they can use to increase productivity, even while debugging.

But for this blog we will stick to how Marketing leaders can use ChatGPT prompts and plugins. This blogs is divided into sections for different marketing tasks, which contain relevant prompt templates and plugins, that you can use.

Let’s get started!

ChatGPT for marketing

ChatGPT brings ample intelligence and information via prompts and plugins, making lives of marketers easy in many ways. Let’s look at some ways marketers can use ChatGPT:

  • Draft high level plans and strategies
  • Generate headlines and content for your blogs, social media posts, emails, ads and more
  • Optimize SEO by staying on top of google trends, competitor keyword analysis, and content optimization suggestions
  • Improve performance marketing output, by researching competitor ads, and creating and optimizing your ad campaigns

We will cover ChatGPT prompts and plugins in decent detail in the following sections. You will get prompt templates that you can use for use cases and even learn about new plugins for different marketing tasks.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing

You can access the capabilites of ChatGPT via prompts and plugins. ChatGPT prompts are the inputs that you give to ChatGPT to generate text based on your needs. For example, you can give ChatGPT a keyword, a topic, a question, or a prompt to generate text related to it.

You can also use different types of prompts to generate different types of text, such as headlines, introductions, copy, or stories. ChatGPT is created by OpenAI, a research organization that wants to make artificial intelligence that can help humanity. Now, let’s look at various types of ChatGPT prompts one by one.

Using prompts in ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, it requires proper guidance and prompts to generate the desired responses. Here are a few tips for effectively using prompts:

Refer to this prompt: “Please write a blog post  on the latest social media highlighting the latest social media trends in 2022, focusing on Instagram and TikTok.”Let’s use this prompt as an example : “Please write a blog post on the latest social media trends in 2022, focusing on Instagram and TikTok.”

1. Specify the goal

Clearly state your objective to ChatGPT by setting specific goals in your prompts. In the above example prompt the goal is to write a blog.

2. Provide context

To generate more accurate responses, provide background information and context in your prompts. This helps ChatGPT understand the specific requirements and craft content accordingly.

In the above example prompt the context is to write a blog on the social media trends in 2023 for Instagram and TikTok.

3. Iterate and refine

ChatGPT learns from examples, so by providing specific iterations, you can guide it to generate better responses. Test different variations of prompts and observe how ChatGPT adapts to your requirements. Refining your prompts over time will lead to more accurate and relevant outputs.

Here’s an example on how to refine it:

Prompt : Please write a blog post about the latest social media trends in 2023, focusing on how Instagram and TikTok are changing the way people communicate, create, and consume content. You should include the following points in your blog post:

  • How Instagram and TikTok are the most popular and influential social media platforms in 2023?
  • How short-form video content is dominating social media platforms in 2023.
  • Are Instagram reels and TikTok are the only popular platforms for creating, sharing and engaging content?

5 ChatGPT prompts for marketing strategy

1. We are [product category] company/startup that targets [target audience] at [company segment] in [region]. Our main goal to boost our traffic. Our current traffic is [traffic] and we want to take it by [X times] in [time in month or year]. Create a marketing plan in a tabular format.
Example: We are digital experience company/startup that targets marketers at SMBs in the US region. Our main goal to boost our traffic. Our current traffic is 100,000 and we want to take it by 3 times in next 6 months. Create a marketing plan in a tabular format.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing strategy
ChatGPT prompts for marketing strategy
ChatGPT prompts for marketing strategy
ChatGPT prompts for marketing strategy

2. What are the benefits of [marketing_type]? Write a list of [number] benefits that can help companies understand why influencer marketing is an effective way to promote their products or services.

3. List [number] ways to generate leads from [social_channel]. Write a brief explanation of how each way works and why it is effective.

4. List [number] ways to convince customers to buy a product via [social_channel]. Write a brief explanation of how each way works and why it is effective.

5. Generate a SWOT analysis for [product_name] to evaluate their [business_function]

13 ChatGPT prompts for content creation and social media

1. Write an outline for a blog post on [blog topic]. Include these keywords - [shortlisted keywords] in the headings.

Example: Write an outline for a blog post on [session replay for marketing]. Include these keywords - Session replay for marketing and session recording for marketing, in the headings.

ChatGPT prompts for content creation and social media

2. Write an 800-word blog post on [blog topic], and include the following keywords in the headline, subheading, and body paragraphs: [keywords]

3. Write a list of blog titles that include statistics on the impact of [blog topic]

4. We have created a Youtube video about [video_details]. Write 10 interesting YouTube headlines about [video_topic]. Include benefits of the video.

5. Generate a catchy Twitter thread on [tweet_context] that summarizes the [pain point].

6. Here’s is a blog post on [blog topic], I need you check this blog post for spelling and grammar mistakes just like Grammarly does for the content. Restructure the blog based on the corrections. Also list down all changes you made and explain why you made them.

7. Generate 5 ideas for YouTube videos about [video_topic]. For each idea, write a brief description of what the video will cover and why it will be useful for the [target_audience].

8. Create a script for a web series on [series_topic]. The web series should have [total_episodes], each lasting about [episode_duration]. The script should include the title of each episode, a summary of what happens in each episode, the main characters and their roles, and the dialogue between them.

9. Build a reader persona for a blog that covers topics related to [topic_name]. The reader persona should include the following information [name, age, gender, location, occupation, income level, education level, goals, challenges, pain points, interests, hobbies, preferred media channels, and content preferences.

10. Simplify the following copy to make it easy for [target_audience] to read.

11. Rephrase the following copy: [copy_content].

12. What are [social_channel] marketing best practices? Write a list of [number] of tips that can help marketers optimize their channel and content for better reach, engagement, and conversions.

13. What are common mistakes marketers make in [domain]? Share a list of mistakes that can hurt your content quality and performance and how to avoid them.

11 ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

1. We have to run an email campaign for [audience] to share with them about [email_topic] Generate 5 subject lines for this email.

We have to run an email campaign for marketers to share with them about Zipy’s session replay feature. Generate 5 subject lines for this email.

ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

2. What are the best subject lines to increase open rates? Write a list of 10 tips that can help you craft catchy and compelling subject lines that get your readers' attention.

3. Write the body copy for a promotional email campaign about [company_name] spring sale. This sale [benefits of the sale]. Share [coupon code]. Write in an email and Facebook post in an upbeat and friendly tone.

4. List [number] topics I should write about in my next email newsletter for [niche].

5. Last week we at [company_name]:
- Launched feature - [feature details]

- Help a webinar on [webinar topic] with [speaker name] and cover [webinar main points]

- Published a blog on [blog topic]We now have to send our users a newsletter that shares all this information. Share a 100 word copy for each section, along with a CTA.

6. How to write  killer sale and marketing emails?

7. How can I avoid my emails being marked as spam? Share tips that can help me improve my email deliverability and avoid spam filters.

8. How can I improve my sender reputation? Share steps that can help build trust and credibility among email recipients and improve our sender score.

9. How can I ensure my emails are easy to read and navigate on mobile devices? How to optimize our email design and layout for mobile responsiveness.

10. How can I make my emails load faster on mobile devices?

11. How should I format my images and media to load properly on mobile devices?

5 ChatGPT prompts for Ad campaign planning and content

1. We are a [product category] and have a budget of [budget] for this quarter. We want to run ads to drive [business objective]. We have to target [target audience]. What channels should we target. Share in a tabular format.

Example: We are a web app and have a budget of $40,000 for this quarter. We want to run ads to drive conversion. We have to target marketing managers and directors. What channels and strategies should we target. Share in a tabular format.

ChatGPT prompts for Ad campaign planning and content
ChatGPT prompts for Ad campaign planning and content
ChatGPT prompts for Ad campaign planning and content

2. We at [product name] want to run a [ad type] ad campaign on [channel] for [target audience]. Generate 5 ad headlines samples talk about [product value proposition]. The headlines should be catchy, concise, and relevant to the target audience.

3. Write a brief ad copy for [feauture]. The ad copy should highlight the [Feature_benefits] and include a [discount_offer]. Use a style that creates urgency.

4. What are the best platforms to run an ad campaign for a SaaS product? Share platforms that can help you reach [target audience].

5. Explain the types of ads that can be run on [channel] for [target audience]. Explain how to create the content and images in a way, that the campaign converts better.

6 ChatGPT prompts for a content distribution plan

  1. Write a content distribution plan for a podcast on [podcast name]. The content should contain all the details such as [podcast topic], [podcast speaker].
  2. Generate a SWOT analysis for [product_name] to evaluate their content distribution.
  3. Generate a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) content distribution strategy for [your_goal].
  4. Write a content distribution plan for a personal brand on [topic]
  5. Generate a social media content calendar for the next month focusing [target_audience]
  6. Generate a list of channel wise key performance indicators (KPIs) for content distribution.

6 ChatGPT prompts for guest posting

1. What kinds of blogs to target for guest posting to attract [target audience].

Example: What kinds of blogs to target for guest posting to attract marketing professionals

ChatGPT prompts for guest posting

2. What should one consider to select a blog for guest posting

3. Write a pitch email to the [recipient’s role] of [blog name]. Proposing write a guest post on topics - [Topic 1] or [Topic 2]. Mention we are open for any other topic as well.

4. Generate a list of 5 potential topics for guest posting for [target audience] on [blog theme].

5. Generate a bio for your guest post, introducing [your_name] and your [professional_work] or  [social channel].

6. Write a guest post on [topic]. Use these [terms] as anchor text for these [links], respectively.

4 ChatGPT prompts for Influencer marketing

1. We at [company name] want to reach out to [category] influencers over LinkedIn. Write a 300 character message for [influencer name], that shares [intent] and [action item].

Example: We at Digital_1 want to reach out to SaaS influencers over LinkedIn. Write a 300 character message for Vishalini, that shares that we are looking to collaborate for influencer marketing and would love to speak.

ChatGPT prompts for Influencer marketing

2. Create an agreement with the influencer, that includes [deliverables], [detailed timeline for each deliverable], [total payment amount], and [terms and conditions] of your marketing campaign. Add general terms and conditions on your own.

3. We have shortlisted [category] influencers who addresses [target audience]. And wants to reach out to them over [channel name]. Share how can we get the influencer on board.

4. Create a list of main performance indicators for [marketing_type] strategy. Share how to monitor and analyze this [marketing type].

4 ChatGPT prompts for marketing analytics

1. What marketing metrics should I measure as [category] business, that [sells online/sells via app/provides services/operates offline]. Share in a table.

Example: What marketing metrics should I measure as e-commerce business that sells via a shopify web app. Share in a table.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing analytics
ChatGPT prompts for marketing analytics

2. My [site/app] is getting visits, but conversion is not great. What other metrics should I look in, to understand what’s going on.

3. I want to improve conversion and user experience on [website/app] and want to monitor real user metrics. Suggest some tools/methods to do this?

4. What website optimization tools are there for marketing teams?

ChatGPT plugins for marketing

Plugins are pre-built tools that extend the functionality of ChatGPT, allowing marketers to accomplish specific tasks more efficiently. With these ChatGPT plugins, you can do more things and adjust to various scenarios, making it more versatile and adaptable.

To access these plugins, make sure you have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. You can discover these ChatGPT plugins on Let's explore some useful plugins that can be leveraged for marketing purposes:

ChatGPT plugins for content marketing

  1. Speedy Marketing: This plugin helps you craft content for ecommerce and other businesses. You can use it to generate product descriptions, headlines, slogans, testimonials, or social media posts.
  2. Paraphraser: This plugin helps you rephrase content properly. You can use it to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, or articles in a different way.
  3. Shownotes: This plugin helps you create summaries and key highlights for podcasts. You can use it to generate concise and informative summaries of podcast episodes. You can also use it to extract key points, quotes, or takeaways from podcasts.
  4. Video Summary: Generate summaries and highlights for YouTube videos.
  5. My Writing Companion: Find, hire, and manage remote human writers, the best way to ensure your content is engaging, accurate, and error-free.

ChatGPT plugins for image creation

  1. Image Editor: This plugin lets you make simple image edits with ChatGPT. You can crop, resize, rotate, or flip your images. You can also add filters, stickers, text, or shapes to your images.
  2. Diagrams: This plugin allows you to generate charts, graphs, and other data visualizations for your content. You can choose from different types of charts, such as pie, bar, line, or scatter.
  3. Converter app: Convert currencies or files like images and videos from web links and Google Drive to other formats, or work with PDFs.

ChatGPT plugins for PPC

  1. Competitor PPC Ads: This chatgpt plugin allows you to research your competitor’s ads by URL. You can enter any URL and get a report of the ads that are running on Google and Microsoft for that domain. You can see the ad headlines, descriptions, keywords, and landing pages.
  2. PPC - This chatgpt plugin is a PPC assistant for Google and Microsoft Ads. It helps you create and optimize your PPC campaigns in minutes. You can use it to generate ad copy, keywords, and bids based on your product or service.

ChatGPT plugins for SEO

  1. Bramework: Your go-to SEO assistant. Seamlessly identify high-performing keywords, create content briefs, conduct comprehensive SEO assessments, and extract valuable SEO data.
  2. Keyword Explorer: Unleash the full potential of your content optimization with Keyword Explorer. Discover a treasure trove of related keywords that can elevate your SEO efforts. Unlock new ideas, expand your keyword portfolio, and achieve higher visibility in search engine results.
  3. Now: Stay ahead of the curve with Now plugin, your one-stop destination for real-time insights from Google Trends. Get a pulse on trending topics, identify emerging keywords, and align your content strategy to capture the attention of your target audience.
  4. SEO: Supercharge your on-page optimization with the SEO plugin. Simply submit a URL and keyword, and receive a comprehensive analysis of your page's SEO performance. Uncover areas for improvement, optimize your content, and watch your search engine rankings soar.
  5. Scraper: Simply input the URL, and let this plugin work its magic. Obtain critical data, uncover competitor insights, and fuel your content strategy with the intelligence you need to succeed.
  6. This plugin provides valuable guidance and recommendations to optimize your content for maximum impact. Enhance your website's visibility, attract organic traffic, and achieve sustainable growth.
  7. Sembot: Take control of your online presence with Sembot. Gain access to detailed reports on keywords, CPCs (Cost Per Click), domain visibility, and SEO results with this ChatGPT plugin.
  8. Link Reader: Reads the content of all kinds of links, like webpage, PDF, PPT, image, Word & other docs.

ChatGPT plugins for social media

  1. Meme Generator: This plugin is an AI meme generator that can add some fun to your social media content. You can use it to enter a meme template and a caption and get a hilarious meme in seconds.
  2. QR Generator: This plugin helps you generate a sharable QR code. You can use it to enter a URL or a text and get a QR code that you can save or copy. You can also customize the color and size of your QR code.
  3. Social Search: This plugin helps you search for social media posts on multiple networks. You can use it to enter a keyword or a hashtag and get a list of relevant posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can also filter the posts by date, popularity, or network.

ChatGPT plugins for website creation

  1. B12 AI Website: With the B12 AI Website ChatGPT plugin, this vision becomes a reality. This powerful tool combines the prowess of artificial intelligence and intuitive design to streamline the website creation process.
  2. Domains Bot: The Domains Bot ChatGPT plugin is here to assist you on this exciting quest. Leveraging advanced algorithms and natural language processing, Domains Bot suggests the most fitting domain names that align with your brand identity.
  3. Website Performance: The Website Performance ChatGPT plugin offers an invaluable glimpse into the metrics that drive your website's performance. From page loading speeds to user engagement statistics, this tool equips website creators with crucial insights to optimize their website's performance and deliver exceptional user experiences.
  4. WP Interact: WP Interact ChatGPT plugin is your gateway to a world of captivating posts from self-hosted WordPress websites. Leveraging the power of natural language processing and semantic understanding, this innovative plugin enables you to effortlessly search and discover relevant content that resonates with your website's niche.


ChatGPT is not just a content generator, but a companion that can assist marketing and growth teams, product teams, customer support teams with its wide range of prompts and plugins.

At the end, incorporating ChatGPT in work and your marketing strategy will open up a world of endless possibilities. By utilizing tailored prompts and integrating plugins that enhance ChatGPT‘s functionality, businesses can elevate their marketing efforts and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We are already witnessing how ChatGPT is helping product managers for shipping releases faster with their engineering team. Developers are also relying on ChatGPT to boost their productivity while coding. Not just this even even customer success teams are leveraging ChatGPT to provide better and faster customer service. So why should marketing leaders be left behind.

Now that you are aware of the ChatGPT prompts and plugins you can use them in your day to day marketing tasks, and shine at a marketeer.

Happy Chatting!

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