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Best session replay software for product & marketing teams

Anom Warbhuvan
~ 18 min read | Published on May 13, 2024


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Have you ever wondered what your customers and website visitors are doing on your product or site? How do they navigate, where they click, what they type, or what frustrates them? If you want to improve your app or website conversion rate, you need to understand how to deliver a great digital experience platform for your customers. That's where session replay software comes in handy.

Nowadays, 89% of consumers use the internet to find information on products, services or companies before purchasing. Therefore, it is essential for website or mobile app owners to invest in a user-friendly and attractive design that can engage and improve the user experience of your customers. According to the latest UX statistics, website conversion can go up by 200% with a good website design and better website monitoring tools.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of session replay software, what to look for in session replay software, and compare some of the best session replay software available in the market, based on their features, pricing, reviews, and integrations.

So, if you are ready to take your website or app to the next level with session replay software, dive in with us!

What is session replay software?

Session replay software is a powerful tool that can help you understand how your users interact with your web or mobile app. It monitors users in real time and shares the user session recording with you, and you can replay these sessions to track how your visitors and users experience your digital products. It even helps you figure out errors and customer issues, which your development teams, debug and make the fixes live.

Session replay to work for websites, web apps, and mobile apps. It is an important tool to ensure a great digital experience for your website visitors and app user stays great. Now, let’s see in what ways session replay softwares helps product managers, marketers, customer success folks, and developers:

  • Track user journey and identify usability issues and gaps in the user experience
  • Optimize conversion rate for your user's entire digital journey
  • Reduce customer churn and keep the revenue locked
  • Ensure product and feature adoption by analyzing user behavior
  • Identify rage click and frustration issues on the website and product
  • Form analytics help you in monitoring how visitors interact with your forms.
  • Analyze user behavior and feedback of your customers.
  • You can pinpoint product gaps or issues that are driving users away
  • Get bugs fixed faster live in engineering teams.
  • Improve customer support and support for your product

Now that you understand how a session replay tool can be a game changer, let’s figure out what you should look for in a session replay software. There are many options available in the market, each with different features, pricing, and benefits, and we have created an exhaustive list of these tools.

How to choose the right session replay software?

Here are some of the criteria that you should consider when evaluating different session replay tools:

  • Session recordings with high quality and accuracy: Session replay software should capture high-quality and accurate data of user sessions, including mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, form inputs, errors, and more.
  • User identification: This software should help you identify the user who is facing any issue. Allowing you to link sessions to individual users or user segments so that you can link the user’s persona with action on your product.
  • Real time monitoring: Monitoring users in real-time refers to the capability of observing and analyzing user behavior and actions in time on your website or application. It enables you to observe how your users navigate your product.
  • Error tracking: Error tracking is all about monitoring errors that occur on your product and managing them. With this, you can identify any code-related issues that might be affecting a few or many users.
  • Cross browser support: You should be able to record and replay the user sessions in different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, etc.
  • Data analysis and visualization: Session replay software should provide easy-to-use and intuitive tools to analyze and visualize the data. You should be able to filter and segment user data.
  • Data security and privacy: Majorly, all session recording tools should comply with the relevant data protection laws and regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. You should be able to control what data is collected, stored, and shared. You should also be able to mask or exclude sensitive or personal data from the recordings.
  • Integration and compatibility: Your session replay software should integrate seamlessly with your alerting or ticketing tool, as well as with other tools that you use for analytics, A/B testing, etc. You should be able to install and configure the software easily and quickly.
  • Scalability and performance: The session replay software should be able to handle large volumes of data without compromising the performance of your website or mobile app. Having the power to adjust the sampling rate and data retention period according to your needs, would be a plus point.
  • Customer support: The session replay software should offer responsive and helpful customer support via chat, email, chat, or call. You should also be able to access documentation, tutorials, and FAQs as well.
  • Pricing: To use any tool, it is a good idea to go with a free trial as it does not take your card details. This way, you can test the tool and see if it meets your needs and expectations before committing to a paid plan.

Best session replay tools

Now that we have established what to look for in the session replay platform and software, let’s compare some of the best session replay tools available in 2023. We will use a table format to summarize their main features and benefits.

1. Zipy: Session replay software with user behavior analysis & error tracking

Session replay software - Zipy

Zipy is an end to end digital experience tool that records user sessions and monitors errors. You can use it to track user behavior, identify user experience gaps, and resolve issues then and there.

We know that to deliver a great user experience, your product, marketing, support, and engineering teams need to come together, and Zipy provides an eco-system for it. You can record and replay your user recordings, identify errors, resolve them, and improve your user experience and conversion rate.

“5 stars! In no time Zipy has become our go-to place for watching user's journey and fix most important bugs or workflows that our users are experiencing.” - Sandeep Rangdal, Mindtickle

Real time user monitoring for all user sessions

By implementing real time user monitoring you can record and track all the actions taken by users visiting your digital product. This includes capturing details, like clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, form inputs and more.

Zipy records all user activities on your website and applications, this makes sure that you do not miss any data that can be crucial for your business. This is a glimpse of Zipy’s user session:

 Real time user monitoring in Zipy

Moreover, capturing every user session also means customer success teams can resolve customer issues faster. When a ticket is raised, your success or support team members can look up the session recording and involve the development team to debug issues.

Link sessions with user identity

You can link your user sessions with session recording on Zipy. It even allows you to filter users on the basis of different parameters like email id, error type, or session details. It ensures that you understand how different individuals navigate through your application, resolve customer issues faster, and even understand different user segments better.

Error classification view in a session replay software - Zipy

Filter and Segment Your Users with Zipy

Zipy enables you to effectively filter users based on various criteria such as user details, session information, and error data. Once you identify the specific session you wish to analyze, you can delve into tracking user activities. Additionally, Zipy allows for the creation and saving of user segments, which can be particularly useful if you plan to monitor these users over time.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for:

  • Identifying and Resolving Customer Issues: Quickly pinpoint problems individual customers are experiencing and investigate the underlying causes.
  • Understanding Form Abandonment: Monitor and analyze why users are abandoning forms, helping you to identify and rectify barriers in the user journey.
  • Monitoring Specific User Segments: Keep an eye on distinct groups of users to better understand varied behaviors and needs.
  • Analyzing Behavior on Specific Web Pages: Study how users interact with particular pages on your website, which can inform enhancements or highlight usability issues.
  • Evaluating Beta Features: Track how beta testers interact with new features, gathering valuable feedback to refine your product before a wider release.
  • Studying Different Personas: Explore how various user personas engage with your site, which can help in tailoring experiences to better suit each group's preferences and behaviors.

Track user events

You can track events in Zipy and see clicks, errors, and how a user navigated from one page to another. You can use these events to dig in the user's behavior. Track their activities and how much time they are taking to complete an action on your web or app pages. It even makes it a lot easier to study any website or product issue and resolve errors fasters.You can even add events of your choice in the filter and create relevant segments.

User session for tracking user events in breadcrumbs in Zipy

Not just this, your user's environment is also captured. This means you can see what device, browser, operating system, screen resolution they are on. Along with their location, language, and other information. This information is gold for error analysis and resolution.

Error and performance monitoring

A good chunk of product issues go unreported. These unreported issues do not mean that your website visitors or app users had a great experience. It simply means that they did not report any issue and silently abandoned your product.

Zipy captures code errors and performance issues and creates reports for you. Helping product managers reduce churn and marketing teams improve website conversion.

Development teams can also track and manage these errors using and use the advanced dev tools to resolve the identified issues. In the below image, both error section and API performance are clearly visible.


Zipy supports integration with alerting, ticketing, and product related tools to help you enhance the digital experience. Some of the integrations at Zipy are Segment, Amplitude, Shopify, Mixpanel, Sentry, Google Analytics, Intercom, etc. It has more integrations to suit your preferred technology stack.

Cross team collaboration

Product managers, marketing, support, and development teams can easily collaborate on Zipy. You can create project based teams and involve only relevant members and keep the noise down. You can manage sessions and errors within Zipy, and even mark errors resolved when they are closed, making sure your entire team has visibility. If you are a Jira fan, you can even use Jira integration to instantly create tickets with error details and save loads of time and make co-ordination easier.

Zipy pricing plan:

Zipy offers the best pricing for session replay software in the market. Zipy has a 14 days trial and plans designed to scale according to your business needs.

  • Trial: Get 14 day free trial. Sign up now!
  • Free plan: Offers life long free plan with 1,000 sessions/month. No credit card require

Now that you are familiar with Zipy, talk to product experts for more details and enhance your digital products performance and end to end user experience.

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2. FullStory: Digital experience platform

Session replay software - FullStory

FullStory is designed to empower you with deep insights into how users interact with your websites and apps. It records user interactions on your platform, enabling you to observe where users encounter issues or what might prompt them to leave. This level of insight is crucial for identifying and addressing user experience obstacles effectively.

Moreover, FullStory facilitates the creation and preservation of user segments based on various attributes, behaviors, or events. This capability allows you to conduct detailed comparisons between different user groups, assessing factors such as conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and retention levels.

To amplify the value of your insights, FullStory integrates seamlessly with a range of tools, including Segment, Google Analytics, and Shopify. These integrations enhance your data sets, providing a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior. This enriched data helps you make informed decisions to optimize user experience across your digital platforms.

FullStory pricing plan:

  • Trial: Offers 14 day free trial

Price: Hidden

3. LogRocket: Frontend analytics platform

Session replay software - LogRocket

LogRocket is a sophisticated analytics tool tailored for frontend development, designed to enhance the performance and user experience of your web and mobile apps. It provides the capability to effortlessly capture and analyze user interactions and errors, offering a comprehensive view of user engagement.

With LogRocket, you have the advantage of watching session replays, which allow you to see how users interact with your app in real-time. These replays are invaluable for gaining insights into how users navigate, where they encounter difficulties, and what may cause them to leave your app.

Key Features of LogRocket Include:

  • Session Replay: Observe recorded videos of user sessions to see firsthand how users engage with your web and mobile apps. Understand the challenges they face and their reasons for potentially abandoning the app.
  • Performance Monitoring: Track frontend performance metrics such as page load times, AJAX requests, component rendering, and system resource usage like CPU and memory. LogRocket also helps in spotting and analyzing browser crashes.
  • Product Analytics: Utilize LogRocket to visualize user behavior, track user flows, and analyze retention rates. It allows you to spot trends over time, and you can create segments, funnels, cohorts, and dashboards for detailed comparisons and deeper insights.
  • Error Tracking: Identify and rectify errors that negatively affect user experience, including JavaScript errors, network failures, or UI glitches. Error tracking helps in maintaining the smooth operation of your web app, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Connect LogRocket with tools such as Segment, Google Analytics, Sentry and others to enhance your data and gain insights.

LogRocket pricing plan:

  • Trial: Offers 14 day free trial
  • Free plan: Avail up to 1000 sessions/month
  • Price: Paid plans start at $69/month

4. Smartlook: Product analytics and insight platform

Session replay software - Smartlook

Smartlook is a dynamic tool that provides comprehensive insights into user behavior and analytics for your website or mobile app. It enables you to seamlessly capture and analyze every user session, interaction, and event, offering a rich understanding of how users engage with your platform.

With Smartlook, you can delve deep into user behavior through various analytical tools. Watch session recordings to observe user interactions firsthand, analyze heatmaps to see where users click most frequently, create funnels to understand conversion pathways, and track customer behavior flows to identify patterns and anomalies.

Key Features of Smartlook:

  • Session Recordings: Watch recordings of user sessions to gain direct insight into user interactions and experiences.
  • Heatmaps: Study user engagement visually to understand the most and least interacted parts of your website or app.
  • Funnels: Construct and analyze funnels that map out the user's journey, helping to pinpoint where users drop off and how to improve conversion rates.
  • Behavior Flows: Track and visualize the paths users take within your app to better understand their behavior and optimize user flows.

Smartlook also excels in identifying and rectifying bugs, optimizing website performance and design, and ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and conversion rates. Integration with popular tools like Segment, Google Analytics, Survicate, and Google Tag Manager ensures that Smartlook fits seamlessly into your existing analytics framework.

Setting up Smartlook is straightforward—it’s user-friendly, secure, and fully compliant with privacy standards. Whether you’re a product manager, UX designer, marketer, or developer, Smartlook equips you with the tools to deeply understand and improve user experiences.

Smartlook pricing plan:

  • Trial: Offers a free trial
  • Price: Paid plan starts at $55/month

5. Hotjar: Website heatmaps & behavior analytics tool

Session replay software - Hotjar

Hotjar is a session recording tool that lets you capture and replay how users interact with your website. With the help of heatmaps, you can see every click, scroll, form input, and page transition. Hotjar helps you understand your customer interaction, the factors responsible for it. It helps you identify usability issues and improve the website design and functionality for better conversion.

Hotjar has some great filters that allow you to narrow down the number of posts and find the most important discussions based on certain criteria. Here are some:

  • User segment attributes to filter customer data
  • Session attributes to filter visitor sessions length, no of pages visited and last page visited.
  • Event attributes used to filter rage clicks and U-turns.

Hotjar pricing plan:

  • Free plan: Up to 35 sessions/daily
  • Price: Paid plans start at $39/month

6. Mouseflow: Session replay and user analysis

Session replay software - Mouseflow

Mouseflow is adept at recording all user interactions, including mouse activity, keystrokes, and scrolling during a session. You can later review these session recordings to better understand user behavior on your website or application. Additionally, Mouseflow allows you to build funnels to examine your website’s conversion rates. However, it is worth mentioning that tracking specific actions, such as pressing a call to action button or form submissions, is not supported in the funnel analysis. The primary focus is on tracking page-to-page transitions. While Mouseflow offers valuable session replay capabilities and basic funnel analysis, it might not provide the detailed and comprehensive insights necessary for more advanced analytical needs. For those interested in event capturing, funnel setup, and monitoring mobile app sessions, Mouseflow might be a consideration.

Mouseflow pricing plan:

  • Trail: Has 14 day free trial
  • Free plan: Avail up to 500 sessions/month
  • Price: Paid plans start at $31/month

7. Lucky Orange: All-in-one conversion optimization suite

Session replay software - lucky orange

Lucky Orange captures all user activities during their sessions, including clicks, mouse movements, and page views, allowing you to replay these sessions later. It features a live chat function that enables customer support teams to interact directly with visitors, either by initiating conversations based on visitor behaviors and traffic sources or by responding to incoming chats.

Additionally, Lucky Orange provides tools to enhance your website and mobile app's conversion rates. It highlights which page elements engage users the most and details where visitors falter within your conversion funnels. You can access a comprehensive history for each visitor, which includes their sessions, pages viewed, chats, and basic metadata. Lucky Orange also supports integration with popular platforms like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Shopify, facilitating enhanced data connectivity and deeper insights. For those looking to understand visitor behavior and offer real-time support, Lucky Orange is worth considering.

Lucky Orange pricing plan:

  • Trial: Get 7 day free trial
  • Free plan: Offers 100 sessions/month
  • Price: Paid plans start at $32/month

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8. CrazyEgg: Conversion rate optimization tool

Session replay software - CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is a tool designed to enhance the conversion rate of your website or online store by analyzing how visitors interact with your site. It provides valuable insights into user behavior, helping to break down the buyer’s journey and identify specific audience segments.

CrazyEgg offers several features aimed at optimizing conversion rates. Its heatmaps show where visitors are most likely to click, scroll, and hover, giving you a clearer picture of user engagement. Additionally, error tracking is available to spot and fix any problems that might be preventing conversions.

The tool also allows you to assess and compare different traffic sources and marketing channels to understand their influence on page performance and conversion rates. Moreover, CrazyEgg integrates smoothly with platforms such as Shopify and WordPress, which simplifies the setup process and makes it particularly useful for e-commerce websites.

CrazyEgg pricing plan:

  • Trial: Gives 30 day free trial
  • Free Plan: Has no forever free plan
  • Price: Paid plans start at $29/month

9. Inspectlet: Session recording and behavioral analysis

Session replay software - Inspectlet

Inspectlet is a powerful customer experience analytics software that helps you understand and improve your web app's user experience.

It helps you capture and analyze user behavior, feedback, and errors on your web app. Inspectlet also works with all the latest technologies and frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and more, so you can use it on your web/mobile app.

Inspectlet, lets you optimize your web app design and performance with various features. With its session recordings, you can watch individual user sessions and see how they interact with you web app. Users click, scroll, and hover on your web app pages is easily available with heatmaps. It has surveys which lets users ask questions about their preferences, problems, or feedback and get valuable insights in real-time.

Inspectlet pricing plan:

  • Trial: Not available
  • Free plan: Gives up to 2500 sessions/month
  • Price: Paid plans start at $39/month

10. Clarity: User behavior analytics tool

Session replay software - Clarity

Clarity is a free session recording and heatmap tool that helps you understand and improve your website or app's user experience. It helps you capture and analyze user behavior, feedback, and errors on your website or app.

With clarity, you can see where your users click, scroll, and hover on your pages, and watch videos of their sessions. Some of the features that Clarity offers are session recordings, heatmaps, and  insights which are powered by machine learning such as rage clicks, dead clicks, excessive scrolling.

With Clarity, you can narrow down your data by page URL, country, page count, device, and more. It also has extensive integrations to boost your website performance smoothly. You have the option to seamlessly connect Clarity with tools, like Google Analytics, WordPress, Shopify and others.

Clarity pricing plan:

  • Free plan: You can use Clarity at absolutely zero cost. The reason it’s free is because it’s one of the ways Microsoft gathers anonymous data for analysis.

11. Dynatrace: Monitor your digital experiences efficiently

Session replay software - Dynatrace

Dynatrace allows you to capture and analyze user behavior, feedback, and error occurrences within your web and mobile applications.

With Dynatrace you can also view session recordings and see how users interact with your applications. Additionally it provides performance metrics and insights powered by machine learning. Some noteworthy features offered by Dynatrace include real user monitoring, session replay, synthetic monitoring, and product analytics.

Overall, Dynatrace is a solution for monitoring digital experiences. It helps you understand and improve how your app looks and behaves, by identifying and resolving user experience, JavaScript, or network related issues.

Dynatrace pricing plan:

  • Has hourly pricing for different capabilities. You can select the capability and pay as you scale.

12. Zoho PageSense: Product conversion optimization platform

Session replay software - Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is a tool, for enhancing your websites, web app and mobile apps performance and also allows personalization. It allows you to keep track of visitor interactions conduct A/B tests to identify the design and content variations and customize the website's experience for each individual based on their unique data and behavior.

What sets Zoho PageSense apart is its integration, with Google Workspace, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Tag Manager. It is also not suitable for cross-domain tracking.

Zoho PageSense pricing plan:

  • Trial: It offers a 15-day trial plan
  • Free plan: No lifelong free plan
  • Price: Paid plans start at $9/month

13. VWO: Website behavior tracking tool

Session replay software - VWO

VWO offers an alternative, for tracking visitor interactions on your website and applications and get insights about their user behavior. It captures code errors and moments of confusion that users experience.

With its multitude of features and functionalities VWO empowers you to optimize your website in terms of conversions and user satisfaction. VWO allows you to leverage its capabilities in A/B testing, split tests, multivariate tests. It also helps you to create heatmaps, scrollmaps, clickmaps, and session recordings to visualize and analyze your user’s behavior. It is a bit complex tool and not recommended for beginners.

VWO pricing plan:

  • Trial: 30 day free trial
  • Price: Paid plans start at $155/month

14. UXTweak: Improve user experience and usability

Session replay software - UXTweak

UXtweak helps you understand and improve your user experience and product usability. It allows you to record and replay the user’s interactions on your website or app, such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, taps, and keystrokes. You can also see heatmaps, insights, and reports that show how your users behave and what they think of your website or app.

UXTweak also organizes content with card sorting and tree testing tools. These tools help you design intuitive navigation menus or content structures where users will no longer be lost. You can test your usability with mobile testing, first click test, prototype testing, and website testing tools.

UXTweak helps designers evaluate how easy and effective your website or app is for your users and identify any issues that may affect the user experience.

UXTweak pricing plan:

  • Free plan: 1 month free plan for 1 user
  • Price: Paid plans start at $80/month billed annually

15. Plerdy: Improve user experience and SEO

Session replay software - Plerdy

Plerdy serves as a tool that aids in enhancing the performance and user experience of your website. With its assistance you can effectively assess your website performance, analyze visitor behavior, conduct experiments, and personalize user experience.

Plerdy also has some exciting features where it offers event tracking, like SEO checker, popup forms, net promoter score, conversion funnel and more.

Plerdy pricing plan:

  • Free: It offers 100 page views per day with 500 video sessions in total
  • Trial: 14 day free trial
  • Price: All-in-one plan starts at $26/month

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How to use session replay software effectively

Session recordings have a potential to surface user insights that can give you an entirely new perspective about your user behavior, and make a decent impact on your company’s revenue. So it’s best to use session replay tools effectively. Here are some easy steps you can follow:

  • Define a goal: Have a clear understanding of the goal you want to achieve such as improving user retention, reducing bounce rate, optimizing website conversion, preventing form abandonment, reducing customer churn, resolving customer issues faster, or any other burning issue.
  • Watch and analyze the recordings: Once you have defined the goal, track a relevant segment of users and analyze their journey. Look for patterns, trends, anomalies, and outliers that can reveal the trends and glitches. At this stage it would be a good idea to maintain a record of your product and website metrics, so that you can compare it to numbers after implementing the changes.
  • Get issues resolved with engineering team: If you identify an issue like click rage or any design issue, involve your development and design team to resolve it. Session replay software also log errors and performance issues, which your development team can debug.
  • Track sessions for same segment: Once you fix the identified issue, you need to track the same segment of users to understand the impact of the fix. Tracking user sessions allows you to monitor and measure the impact of your changes on your user experience and performance. You can even compare the product and website metrics you measured earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Session Recording Tools

What is session replay?

Session replay refers to the recording of user interactions on your digital platforms, capturing details like clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, typing, and even pauses. These recordings are essential for understanding how visitors interact with your website and applications.

How do session replays help?

Session replays are invaluable for optimizing conversion rates, pinpointing usability issues, identifying user frustrations, and detecting rage clicks, form abandonments, and bugs. They also highlight problems with feature adoption and reasons behind customer churn, aiding in the swift resolution of customer issues.

How much do session replay tools cost?

The cost of session replay tools varies based on the number of sessions they can record each month, the features they offer, and their overall stability. Prices for robust session recording tools suitable for small teams start at around $30 per month when billed annually. Opting for a monthly billing cycle typically incurs higher costs.


A wide range of session replay software is available that can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention. These tools allow product managers, marketers, and customer success teams to effectively understand and respond to user behavior without directly querying users about their experiences.

Session recording softwares is not limited to app and website optimization. They also help with user behaviour analysis, error monitoring, qualitative data analysis, and debugging. Once you improve the user experience with digital experience platforms, your product and website metrics will also get better.

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